Sanvi: The Child Prodigy


Children are the limitless stores of zeal, energy, enthusiasm, and capability. They are unique and must be given appropriate direction as the children of today will be the citizens of tomorrow. Hence, every child should be provided with a strong and healthy childhood.

Today we will be talking about a very young girl, Sanvi Prajosh who is just 2.9 years old and has amazed us with her extraordinary grasping power. She is from Malappuram in Kerala. 

She loves to explore and put up questions using her imagination. She can understand, analyze the situation and can retain things in her brain. She has great concentration power and concludes using her sharp memory.

Her parents Mr. Prajosh and Mrs. Babitha discovered her talent she was only one year and seven months old when she showed her inquisitive nature by asking questions on whatever came to her mind.

She is an extrovert, can communicate freely with others, is gregarious, and likes spending time with her friends. 

At a very tender age, she holds 4 records and got her name in India’s Book of Records, Abdul Kalam’s World Record, World Wide Book of Records, and International Book of Records.

As she is very young, her parents are all set to provide her with the best education and hope that she will be able to identify and refine her interests with time. 

Sanvi’s parents are committed to ensuring a normal childhood for her despite the fame. the fame she will get through this platform. They told that it is necessary to teach a child the moral values to be a good person with a healthy mind. They will take this fame as an inspiration for her future endeavours.

Every moment spent with her is charismatic by her parents. But the most memorable moments were when she asked why the sun is not visible at night and the sweet expressions that she gave when she met her father after 2 years.

She has a keen interest in learning different languages and loves to groove to different songs. She is fascinated by science facts and has a deep interest in learning more about them.  Her parents told us that society would have many expectations of her but they would take it as recognition rather than pressure.

Sanvi’s parents shared with us a few parenting tips;

1.  a close eye on your kids to identify their peculiar qualities and encourage them to nurture their talent.

2. Be positive with your kids and motivate them for every small or big achievement.

She is a very helpful and adorable child who shows interest in helping her mother with her daily routine work. She likes to keep her room as well as the surroundings clean. She loves to play with her parents and hug them before going off to bed.

This was all about Sanvi Prajosh. The entire team of The Child Prodigy wishes her a good future and all the best for her future endeavors.