Sara Haany – The Child Prodigy

The term prodigy refers generally to a child who is unusually good at something and leaves the world awestruck by their astonishing skills.

Today we have a similar child prodigy whose name is Sara Haany. Sara was just 18 months old when her mother observed that she was possessing an extra talent where she showed interest towards learning new things and she was extremely keen to observe things that were happening around her. She was a very aware and active child in comparison to other kids. This uniqueness made her stand out of the crowd. Here, she started her journey of being an extrovert.

Her mother observed her unique traits for the first time when she was just nine months old. Sara’s parents have faith that she’ll be working at NASA after 10 years from now.

When asked about the notion that child Prodigies usually isolate themselves from their peer mates due to their higher IQ and being busy in their own zone. Sara’s mother said that she would like to see her daughter socialize with others and mingle around with her peer mates, whereas she discovers her own path as she steps into new things.

We asked Sara’s mother about how they will help Sara manage the features and fame she will get through this platform after people will start recognising her?

Responding to this Sara’s mother said that now that Sara is 3 years and 6 months old, she doesn’t have the capacity to understand all the fame and recognition that she would receive. She doesn’t even realize the weight of the awards she has received. I would always make sure that I’ll guide her throughout and make sure all of these recognition, awards and fame is an encouragement for her to make her future endeavors even better.

Let’s have a peek into some aww moments of Sara and her mother.

• The very first time I held her in my arms.

• The very first time she got telecasted on the television.

Sara’s interest Zone.

She loves challenges and she loves to go against time to finish a task. Whenever she is given a task against time, she shows an extra interest towards completing the task. Also she is so interested to go out and learn new things as she engages with the environment. Moreover she is so keen to play as she learns.

We asked Sara’s mother about whether she feels pressure of the expectations that society may hold from her child for being extraordinary and If yes then how would she handle it?

Responding to this she said “No. Sure there are expectations from society. But I would make sure that the pressure of society doesn’t affect my daughter and us. I would let my daughter do what she wants and take her own time to achieve what she wants.”

Some parenting tips by Sara’s mother in raising a child prodigy.

I would say that all the students who are born in this world are naturally talented in different ways. It is important that parents should recognize their child’s interest and guide them to find their own path. I would say that it is our responsibility as parents to mold them and give them what they want at the right time.

Our team asked Sara’s mother that despite achieving the talents that Sara has, in what other ways has she amazed her parents?

Responding to this, her mother replied that she has so much love and care towards everyone. She has surprisingly amazed me in the way she is so interested in explaining something that she knows to someone. This is a precious quality to improve her communication skills. She doesn’t lie to anyone. Also, she is extremely focused.

Sara’s achievements Include being on the television two times at the age of 18 months, being on two newspapers Veerakesari (Tamil) and Daily Mirror (English), scoring 89 marks in international Olympiad competition, receiving the award of ‘Women Icon’, being on the ‘Asian Book of records’, applied for International Book of record and Kalam World record whose results are yet pending

This was a glimpse of Sara’s extraordinary life as a Child prodigy and her parents’ experiences.

This was all about Sara Haany. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavours.