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Prodigy who believes human values are more important in
life than anything else. “Saransh” is a seven-year-old child who lives in a
joint family. This very cultured boy is from Sirsa, Haryana, India. He is very
focused in his studies and is fond of reading. Curious reader, Saransh is a 100%
scorer and a record holder. He has made all of us proud by getting recognition
by Asia, India, and the International book of records for
reciting all the state capitals and districts in minimum time. He has
participated in four Olympiads and is the gold medalist in all of them.


His interests are reading books, solving Rubik’s cube,
playing chess. He gained all these interests when his mentor Mr. Rakesh trained
him with several activities. Mr. Rakesh saw a spark in him. He said that
Saransh is a confident child and loves to participate in almost every activity.
He saw his grasping power was more than the other students so he gave some
learning tasks to him and he did it so well. He practiced a lot on his speed of
reciting and he made a record of speaking state, capitals, and districts in 37


Mr. Rakesh shared that every child is different but
parents and teachers must recognize the child’s interest because it is better
to develop their skills according to their interests. He also said that Saransh
is not like other children who love watching TV or mobile phones. He also said
that behind every successful person there is someone who led them to that
success and in Saransh’sstory, it is all his and his parent’s efforts. He
enjoys studying and has also started his preparations for UPSC. As an educator,
Mr. Rakesh tipped that being cultured is important to be in this society.


In an interview with “The Child Prodigy” magazine, Mrs.
ShefaliSinglaSaransh’s mother and Mr. AshishSinglaSaransh’s father shared that
Saransh has been a very obedient child from the very beginning. He always
behaves politely to everyone and helps others around him. They also shared that
he has a daily schedule for his studies and all other activities. Instead of
watching television or mobile phone he plays with his cousins or loves to draw in
his breaks. He daily sleeps at 7 PM. Saransh has the management skills all
taught by his parents.


His parents said that it is important to build a strong
foundation at a very early age, not by pressurizing children but by recognizing
the nature of a child, and then only you can lead him to success. As they live
in a joint family they said it has been always a blessing for Saransh. He
learned a lot of things like adjusting with people, sharing values, being
polite, respecting his elders and the young ones too. He is an extraordinary
child who is very kind and lovely.


The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the extraordinarily
talented kids and SaranshSingla is one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies.


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