Sashwath Narayanan Vijay- ‘The Future Entrepreneur’


Sashwath loves to explore new things and tries to understand the concept in his unique ways. His parents started to recognize his talent when he started talking about coding and business. They paid more keen attention when he started to talk about the financial situation for his studies. 

Being an ambivert, his parents deny the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and said “No because being smart is different from socializing. Smartness is self-development might be a gift from God but socializing is very important which helps in understanding his surroundings and situations.” His parents see him as an entrepreneur from 10 years now who will start his firm which will be related to operating systems and robotics. 

When asked about society’s pressure due to their high expectations, his mother said “First of all he is a child and he is my son. I don’t care about society’s expectations. If I feel he is pressurized on his own then I would love to help him cross the pressure in a better way.” And to ensure a normal childhood for him, his mother further added “No matter how much ever fame he gets, he is My son is the best buddy. Hence will make him understand the reality of what is happening and will ensure he is still the same small guy whom I raised and would be raised like any other child.” 

When asked about some memorable, his mother shared “Although I have many, I would like to share 2 memories- We went to shell museum which is in Mahabalipuram (Chennai – Tamil Nadu) where we both discussed and discovered more about shells and enjoyed Fish spa. He was so much interested in my participation in the Mrs. India Beauty Pageant contest where he helped me with many mock questions and answers which helped me to win a few awards for the year 2021.

Sashwath plays the role of the second mother in the absence of her mother takes care of his sister and gives support and strength to his mother when she aspires to achieve her dreams. His mother gives this advice to the parents- Treat your kid as an individual and respect their feelings, unless required don’t feed their brain and their personal experience will help them know more than our words or advice.

He loves coding and believes that traveling gives him more experience in exploring and understanding things. He likes to do software development and study robots. He has won trophies, medals, and certificates in karate competitions held in Sri Lanka. He is very good at sports, especially running and basketball. Another latest achievement is now got is that he got selected as a child prodigy amongst 100 people.

This was all about Sashwath Narayanan Vijay, The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavors.