Satvik – A Creative Thinker

Children are very curious and explorative by nature. They love to experiment with new things and take them as endless opportunities and possibilities. They are creative and that creativity helps them in their overall development. Today we will be talking about one such creative child Satvik Aggarwal. He is basically from Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. He studies in Wynberg Allen school.
Satvik has a very creative mind and is always inquisitive of making new things by using parts that he brings from the market. He is very innovative and does soldering himself and cost-effectively make things of daily usage. He is not hesitant at trying new things and trying to find solutions related to our daily life problems and try to come up with an innovative solution.
His parents Mr. Krishna Murti Aggarwal and Mrs. Radhika Aggarwal first discovered his talent at the age of 8 when his curiosity started arising and taking a new form. His parents told us that after ten years from now, they see him as a Scientist in DRDO.
He is very good at academics. He has played badminton and chess at District Level. He has made a drilling machine, emergency charger, and battery tester all by himself.
He is an ambivert and enjoys the aura of both an introvert as well as an extrovert. His interests include making new things and talking to his father regarding different parts of the things which he wants to make. He likes to discuss with his family the new idea which comes to his mind.
We asked his parents that as after the features Satvik will get through this platform people will start recognizing him and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination. How would you ensure a normal childhood for your child?
They replied- “He is down to earth person and will never get high-headed, no matter how many milestones he achieves. He is very humble and always likes to stay grounded and the basic moral values that we have given him will always guide him to choose a better path”.
One of the most memorable moments that his parents shared with us was when he had made tandoori naan on mud tandoor and other dishes for the whole family, which were good at the taste. His parents also told us that they have never felt the pressure of the expectations that society may hold from Satvik.
The parenting tip by his parents- “Just let the children do what they want as we never know what hidden talent they have in themselves which can be nurtured and enhanced to make it a well-developed skill”.
He is very good at cooking and making evening tea for his parents. He makes egg products for his brother though he doesn’t like eggs. He does all the household work when needed and helps his parents in every way possible.
This was all about Satvik Aggarwal. The team of Child Prodigy wishes him all the very best for his future endeavours.