Shanat Dheepak Ram: The Youngest Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

The world is full of amazing people and one such amazing person that we would like you to know about is the youngest entrepreneur Shanat Dheepak Ram, who is a multi-talented child yet a down-to-earth human being. He studies at St. Jude’s Public School and Junior College in Kotagiri. He was born in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. 

He has bagged a total of 6 World Records and 6 Title Awards. He is excellent at Rubik cubing doing it blindfolded and at the top of that, he can perform the same in a yoga pose which is called Aakapadaseerasana. He is a multi-tasker and can recite Thirukkural at the same time while performing above mentioned 3 activities. He has also performed 4 multiple activities together in an event. He can solve more than 35 multi shapes of Rubik’s Cubes.

He has won International awards in art and craft and has won district-level gold and silver medals in rifle shooting and badminton.

He is being addressed as the ‘Youngest Master’ to conduct Rubik’s cube classes all around the world. He has shared his knowledge with his worldwide students during the pandemic. This derived his motivation to become the youngest entrepreneur which was also featured in The Hindu, The Times of India, and the Dinamalar Newspaper. He has also been interviewed by the Suryam FM 93.5 as well as the team of Hello FM.

He has designed more than 20 amazing portraits of gods and goddesses, freedom fighters, famous personalities, and celebrities (Lord Sai Baba, Lord Murugar, Lord Ganesha, Lord Jesus Christ, Goddess Andal, Gandhiji, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahakavi Bharathiar, Mother Teresa, Prime minister Modiji, Thiru. CM Stalin, Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Mohanlal, Late Mr. Puneeth Rajkumar, etc.) using a minimum of 500 Rubik’s cubes to a maximum of 750 Rubik’s cubes giving the portraits a realistic look.

He has got various Title Awards like Young Achievers Award, Legend of the world, Mind Master, Best Performer, Grand Master, Youngest Entrepreneur, Blind Master boy With Third Eye, and Multi-Talented Kid.

He is also good at rifle shooting, portrait making, art and craft, football, badminton, chalk carving, skating, chess, spelling bee, Olympiads, general knowledge, cooking, blindfolded drawing paintings, identifying a person and money, etc.

Shanat’s parents Mr. Dheepak Ram and Mrs. Svetha Varsa are so proud of him. They shared a few parenting tips with us to raise a child prodigy- “Dig and find out the talent in your child as every child is talented and as a parent, we must encourage and support them in every way possible”.

Some of the most memorable moments that his parents shared with us were when Shanat was honored by our former education minister Mr. Ma Pandiyarajan in Chennai for his 1st World Record and he got an opportunity to perform blindfold games and Rubik’s Cube in front of our former commissioner for GST, Mr. N.J. Kumaresh.

He helps his mother with household chores like cooking and cleaning. He is concerned about his grandparents and the people around him. He is very helpful and very supportive of his friends. This was all about Shanat Dheepak Ram. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the very best for his future endeavors.