Shanaya Kochar – The Thespian


‘The best acting is instinctive. …’  is often heard from many professionals in this field. An actor can only give his best if he is completely into the role. Actions automatically come from within them. We here are talking about a Child Prodigy Shanaya Kochar from Delhi who shows such skills and has gained the support of the masses on all major social media platforms. She is loved for her acting, dancing, and comedy. Her father Ramneek Singh Kochar and mother Puneet Kochar discovered the talent within her in 2019 and encouraged her to pursue her interests further. On being asked about their expectations from their child in 10 years from now, we came to know that they just wanted to see her progressing and achieving heights in the social media world, excelling in her studies or whichever field she discovers and likes to pursue.

She is an extrovert loves being around people and is confident. At such a tender age she has already achieved glories that many dreams for, she has 1.25 Crore subscribers on YouTube, 200K followers on Instagram, 200K followers on Facebook, and 6.3 Million followers on MX Takatak and she is working hard to add more to her plate.

Later on, we asked her parents opinion on if the notion was correct that child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone to which they said, ‘Well yes or no, as there is quite a possibility that these notions come because of the exposure they receive but it also depends on the upbringing and family atmosphere that helps them to handle these notions’.

We made sure to inform them about the fame beyond imagination that will follow her by this platform we provide and people will start recognizing her even more, so how are they going to manage these, they responded that by god’s grace they already are experiencing this fame phase on a smaller scale. As parents, they always try to take these things in stride and not let these things go in her head. They try to keep her life as normal as possible like other children’s and make her more social and friendly.

Sharing some memorable moments of their life with Shanaya they told about the happiness they were filled with at the time of her moments and how they enjoy every moment with her since then. They were amazed when her first video went viral. She was very happy and they wanted her to just be happy always.

We asked them about the pressure from the expectations of the society and how do they handle it, they said they keep her away from such pressure as much as possible as the society is not aware of the journey they only enjoy the results. 

Further, we asked them to share about the secret of their parenting and they just suggested providing the child with all possible opportunities and making them choose what’s best for them, and finally when they choose, just support them in every way possible.

This was all about Shanaya Kochar. The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.