Sharwil Prashant Gomre – The Child Prodigy

Sharwil Prashant Gomre is an extraordinary kid from Thane, Maharashtra with amazing talents. He has a record in India’s book of records and Asia’s book of records. He won the India star icon achievers award. His biography was also published in mannewar book. Also, he has won a lot of competitions ranging from the state level, zonal level, international level, and national level in Ucmas. He plays chess as well and he has won silver and gold medals and trophies in Chess. He is a winner of interschool, state, national, and international level spell bee competitions. He has got prizes in an elocution competition and first prize in afsara handwriting competition. He was felicitated by Dr. Shrikant Eknath Shinde a Lok sabha member and this is one of the most memorable moments of his life. He has his name published on Ucmas Mumbai page.

He is a very caring, kind, and loving kid. He loves doing and exploring new things. His parents Prashant Bharat Bhushan Gomre and Smita Prashant Gomre recognized that he is a prodigy kid and has the potential within him when he was just 3 years old. They shared with us that they are looking forward to seeing him setting some new goals, brainstorming his specific professional goals, and achieving new records 10 years from now. Sharwil is an introvert i.e. he is not very social and enjoys his own company. We asked his parents about the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone to which they agreed and said that he always spends his time exploring and learning as much as he can.

The fame that follows with this platform is something beyond imagination so we asked about Sharwil’s parent’s plan on how do they plan to ensure a normal childhood for their child and they plan to do so by giving him proper and continuous nurturing and guidance from them. They believe that realizing child’s potential and transforming their gifts into talents is a very necessary function that needs to be done by them. Talking about the pressure that a child may feel from the expectations of society Sharwil’s parents shared that providing adequate stimulation and impacting strategies is what they do to keep him focused on his good work. As they have raised a prodigy kid we asked them to share some parenting tips with other parents, they recommend that finding positive characteristics of their child and emphasizing them is very important. Never compare your children with others as every child is unique and different just as the five fingers in a hand.

We are that by now you would be amazed by the amazing talents of this child prodigy. This was all about Sharwil Prashant Gomre, the team Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.