Shashini Puvi- The Chess Champion!

Child Prodigies have amazed us time and again with their talents. They have tremendous set of skills that are even greater than those of adults. Today we will be talking about child prodigy Shashini Puvi who is making the country proud by her talents.

At a tender age when kids start learning the game of chess, Shashini Puvi from Bangalore is  setting a benchmark of having national titles at age 5 and 6. Her talents came into limelight when she was 3 and half years old. Shashini Puvi’s goal is to become Youngest Women Grand Master in the world. Her goal pays testimony to the fact that she is a visionary girl who has her eyes set on the agenda of empowering women already. She is an ambivert who possesses the charm of an extrovert and sincerity of an introvert.

By the age of 5 she has already been facilitated by the National title. When she appeared for her first state level tournament held in Mysore at the age of 4 she has written English alphabets in the score sheet during the games as writing notations is mandatory for all the state level tournaments. She won the best youngest child award during this tournament.

She further has interest in Chess and in free time she does painting and drawing. Since a child prodigy has to face the burden of expectations of the society, we asked Shashini’s parents to throw some light on this. The parents shared “Yes in sports field there are lots of expectations from the society but Shashini handles everything through the golden 3D’s that is Dedication, Devotion and Determination.

Parenting in a right way from the early child development plays very crucial role and also many are sacrifices are made by the Parents to raise the child. Shashini’s parents make sure to support her skills and make her participate in various competitions.

She has excelled in the studies and she has more interest in painting and drawing. She secured her Gold medal in the Under-6 Girls Category at the 9th Nationals School Chess Championship 2019 held in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. In Jan 2018 Shashini had won her National title in the Under-5 category of 32 National Under-7 Chess Championship 2018 held in Tumkur, Karnataka. She has been the winner in Under-5 girls Category in the 7th National School Chess Championships 2018 held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Further she was Ranked 5th in Under 9 girls Category of Karnataka State under 9 Chess Championship 2020 held in Mysore, Karnataka. She also bagged 1st place in Under 7 Open Category of Karnataka State Open FIDE rated Under 17 chess Championship 2020 held in Bengaluru, Karnataka. She also secured 1st Place in Under 7 Category of 13th BRDCA International Open FIDE rated Chess tournament 2019 held in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Her achievements speak for herself. Born to Mr. Puvi Subramanian and Mrs. Deepa Puvi, Shashini is an inspiration to all of us. Team child prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.