Sheikh Mikael Maroof – The Sharp Minded Kid

Children are talented and unique in themselves and the nurturing that they get from their parents enhances their skills and talents. The Child Prodigy about whom we will talk today is a very sharp-minded child Sheikh Mikael Maroof. He studies in Step by Step Preschool, New Delhi. He has a very sharp mind and has a very good retention power. He is quite young but the grasping power that he has is unimaginable. 

At the age of 2.5 years, he could recognize the flags of 40 different countries, knew the life-cycle of a butterfly and hen. He is very good at role play from different stories 25 stories of different authors. Not only this, but at this age, he also knew the names of the continents, countries of Asia, South America, and North America. He also knew about the days, seasons, months, national symbol of India, P.M, President of India, capitals of more than 20 countries, etc.

After 1 year he could speak the tables from 1 to 4, knew how to do addition and the process of digestion. He knows Surah Fatiha and 4 Surahs, 3 Kalimas, and Aytalkursi. 

When we asked his parents Sheikh Maroof Feroze (father) and Marusha Kapra (mother) about how they will help Mikael in managing the features and fame he will get through this platform after people will start recognizing him? 

They told us that they would ensure a normal childhood for him by letting him socialize and making him understand that every child is unique and that they are good at something or the other.

His parents feel that Mikael Maroof would be knowing his talent after 10 years from now and he will explore his interest and achieve something great.

He is an extrovert and gets along with new people easily. Mikael keeps on doing new things which amaze his parents. 

His interests are reading and anything which fills him with energy. His parent’s opinion is that they want to give him good social values and they want him to compete with himself from the present to the future. And they don’t believe in any society pressure for his child.

When we asked about the parenting tip from his parents, they replied that every child is a prodigy and it depends on the type of values that are given to a child. Children must be dealt with with love and care.

He is an inquisitive child who keeps an interest in knowing different things. Whatever information is given to him he grasps it quite fast.

Mikael is a very caring child that he cannot see tears in his mother’s eyes. He comforts his mother by giving her hugs and a lot of love. He is a lively person who stays happy and keeps others happy. 

This was all about Mikael. The child prodigy wishes him all the best for  future endeavors.