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The age-old debate whether Geniuses are made or born has yet to come to a conclusion, however time and again a Child comes along who
challenges both the notion and Shivansh Pratap Guja is one such child. Born in Pune Maharashtra Shivansh is a six year old memory genius. The India book of record holder Shivansh, achieved great acclaim when he became India’s skillful cuber and was recognized by the Indian cube association when he was just four years old. He is the youngest child so far to memorize a Deck of Playing Cards, setting India Book of Records for memorizing 52 cards of Deck and recalling it without looking within 3 min 30 sec at the age of 6 years.

Shivansh was introduced to cubes by her mother who is a memory coach herself at the age of three and he never looked back. Solving all kinds of Rubik cubes from such a tender age , Shivansh is able to solve them without looking at them. One momentary look at the cube is enough for him to recognize and solve it. This memory genius also holds an expertise in the notorious memory subject of fifty two shuffled decks of cards. A seminal game in memory Olympics, Shivansh is able to memorize all the shuffled cards with one fleeting look.

When we asked Shivansh’s mother how she was able to recognize the genius in her child she recalled, “When he was nine months old, I used to prepare some flash cards for fun. It was for some interactive activity with the kid. I used to show him the images of various countries and fruits and call out their names when showing it to him. Then one day when I asked which one is Sri lanka he tapped the right country and then it happened with all the cards. I was astonished and that’s when I knew.” A memory coach herself, she introduced the activity to young Shivansh and cultivated his genius; she believes that every child is a genius waiting to be recognized. We just need to identify their potential and help them grow.

Although lockdown held many down it was a Fruitful process for Shivansh. He was introduced to a number of memorizing activities which were quite fun in his own words. He started with a deck of cards, then moved to memorizing binary codes. “If you give him combinations of 100 binary codes, he can remember it. He will tell you in reverse order as well” added Shivansh’s mother with a chuckle. Shivansh’s incredible ability to memorize also widens as he grows, he has now learned the squares of numbers upto sixty. Still a tricky task for an adult Shivansh knows them like the back of his hand.

However his parents make sure that the expectations of society do not burden their child and have a normal childhood full of enjoyment and fun. “To ensure a normal childhood, we should understand that 90’s kids and gen-z are very different.As  the generation is changing the children are hungry to learn something new. First 8 years of childhood  are the building blocks. Don’t be in the cat race but identify the kid’s potential and start working on that, giving him space to grow. Instead of Dumping lot of knowledge let them grow at their own pace. Don’t isolate them. Give what is needed at the particular time” expressed Shiavnsh’s mother. He has his separate identity, he is his own self not just someone’s kid she further added.

Although Shivansh wants to become an IAS officer when he grows up, the Goal can change as he grows up; one can’t be too sure. But the story behind him wanting to become one can melt anyone. “A four year old kid visits the municipal corporation for the first time to receive an award and is star struck with the big cabin. He asks his mother how he can get a room like this ? the mother replies jokingly “ Then you need to become an IAS” and the idea gets stuck in the kid’s mind” shared Shivansh’s mother. Furthermore, Shivansh’s quality parenting allows him to achieve anything he aspires without any pressure. His parents are supportive and as a parenting tip they share that “If you want your kids to be smart you need to be smarter. Be a step ahead but don’t indulge in a race”

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