Shourya Bhargava: The Child Prodigy

In today’s era, children are achieving certain milestones at a very tender age. Today we will be talking about Shourya Bhargava who has a sharp memory and great grasping power. He is from Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh. He studies at Olympus High School. He is very active in sports and has a passion for creative and artistic activities. He loves to play badminton and make homemade soaps.

Since the age of 2.5 years, he loved engaging himself in one activity or the other like painting, drawing, riding a hoverboard, examining electrical gadgets, etc. At the age of 4, he got interested in playing badminton when he saw his family members playing badminton in their leisure time.

He loves reading storybooks and he started doing so when he started learning new words from the books. Shourya scored the highest marks in Maths and received a medal for the same.

He practices that activity and sport which he is passionate about. He is an extrovert and loves to spend time and play with his friends.

His parents Mr. Saurabh Bhargava and Mrs. Mahak Bhargava told us that they would not limit him to just academics, sports, or arts but would let him follow his passion and explore his interests and let him pursue a career in the same.  

We asked his parents about the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates is correct or not?

To this, they replied that it depends on the parenting of the child and the child himself. 

If the child prodigies isolate themselves then this limits their circle, exposure to the outer world, and thinking capacity. That’s why they want Shourya to interact with new people and explore his interests on his own.

His parents always treat him as a normal child and ensure that he is always grounded. They do not encourage him to get overwhelmed by fame and recognition as this is the part of life that is there sometimes and sometimes not.

He is an enthusiastic person and loves outdoor activities. He is very keen to know how electrical gadgets and cars work. His parents told us that sometimes they feel the expectations of the society on Shourya but they know that he is trying his best and this is what matters to them.

They also shared some parenting tips and suggested that never compare your child with other children of his/her age and the parents must understand that every child is unique and has different talents.  

Shourya surprised her mother on her last birthday when he woke up at 12 in the night to wish her a beautiful card for her. He gave his whole day to making that birthday card without even letting her mother know about it. This amazed everyone and this left her mother filled with tears of joy. He took care of his mother selflessly the whole day and night when she got Covid last year. He ensured timely medications to her mother and provided her emotional support.

This was all about Shourya Bhargava. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.