Shriyan K – The Child Prodigy

Someone rightly said, “Not everyone is born with just a set of limbs and heart, some are born with outlandish gifts and exceptional powers.” Having heard from the mother, here is the narrative of Shriyan K, who is far more emotionally matured and mentally witted than his peers. The prodigy has mastered the skills at such a young age that we wouldn’t imagine in our dizziest daydreams.

As quoted by the mother, ‘Shriyan had started kicking during the two and a half-month pregnancy, while the usual period for the gestation movement is eight months.’  At the age of six months, he started imitating sounds. In the next couple of months, he began answering questions and speaking his name and age. By a year and three months, he had a high command of linguistics and started to self-learn the pronunciation of alphabets and an excellent first attempt at drawing them.

While he was a year and five months old, he could direct his videos and answer general knowledge questions with a firm stance. He could also recognize the image of various animals and answer the questions related to them. While Shriyan was a year and a half old, he once got a bat and posed exactly like a batsman without having watched a single match. He also enjoyed music and would dance even during his nap time. All these events are beyond a usual child’s play. Another pleasing moment described by Shriyan’s mother was whenever they stepped out of the house, he would always say, ‘Amma, I love you, and wouldn’t burden anyone with his responsibility. His smile was enough to charge the enthusiasm of everyone.

Not only academically, but Shriyan has also amazed the entire family with his organized behaviour. While he was nine months old, he would eat his food and clean the space. He would further help his mother clean the room and wash clothes. As said by the mother, ‘She felt protected even when Shriyan was eight months old.’ When someone shouted at her, he would attempt to stop that. All these gestures made him an exemplary child of his age.

Shriyan is an ambivert with a strong hand in almost all dimensions of art, from acting, dancing, cooking, directing videos to sports. He has been awarded a mention in the genius book of the world record at the age of a year and nine months for his extraordinary skills.

Having raised a prodigy, his mother understands the societal pressure that Shriyan might endure in later life, but she has an undivided faith that he would manage and reciprocate the best towards everyone. Shriyan’s mother believes that parents should be the strongest pillar in the child’s life. As a pro-parenting tip, his mother advises the parents to support, enhance, appreciate and polish their child’s capabilities for their better future. Furthermore, they should remove all the negativity from their child’s mind and fill it with optimism.

Concluding by saying, “Prodigies are born themselves, but to keep them alive give them love and attention.”


This was all about Shriyan K. The child prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavours.