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Albert Einstein, a German theoretical physicist
and one of the brightest minds ever being born on the earth once said, “Pure
mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas” and we couldn’t agree
more. Mathematics is a
subject that makes a man systematic or
organized; it makes our life methodical and prevents pandemonium.

However there are only a few who are able to see the beauty behind this poetry.
Siddhant Bhutda is one such individual who not only sees the beauty of math but
also says that there is no such thing as boring mathematics.
traits that are nurtured by mathematics are authority of scrutiny,
creativeness, conceptual thinking, decisive thinking, problem-solving ability
etc so it won’t be wrong to say that the subject is of utmost significance in
our life.

Siddhant is a Maths Prodigy who surprised the
world when he
got his name in The
India Book of records back in January 2020. Though only five year old he can
give any adult a run for money when it comes to learning about numbers.
Siddhant has successfully learnt the numerical tables till one thousand and can
recite them easily. He also got his name in The Asia book of records for his
ability. In addition to solving basic numerical problems, this includes
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; he can also tell the
squares of the numbers till hundred. Even the middle schoolers face a
considerable amount of difficulty when it comes to learning square till twenty
number but Siddhant did that and better just in pre primary. He also won first
place at state level in Chhatishgarh Maheshwari yuva sangathan talent hunt
competition which is infamous for his difficulty level.

The prodigy team got in a conversation with Siddhant’s parents to
get to know more about this youthful achiever. Sharad kumar bhutda Siddhant’s
father shared that he always had an interest in numbers and fascination with
the subject. “When he was just three years old he used to notice the number
written in advertisements, number plates of cars, T.V. etc. even when he saw a
youtube video the first thing he notices is the number of views” he added with
a chuckle.

Veena Bhatuda Sidhhant’s mother shared that they sometimes worry
about the notion that child prodigies tend to get themselves isolated but they
try their best to keep him social. She said “He is an introvert so we try that
he plays with the other children of his age in the neighborhood and not get
isolated.” Nevertheless, Siddhant enjoys playing games and other physical
extracurricular activities like cycling and dancing along with reading and

When asked to share some parenting tips with our readers,
Siddhant’s parents modestly obliged and said, “Be relaxed and let the child
follow his own natural instincts. Let them explore and do what they desire.”
They also emphasized that every child has their own personality so parents
should not compare their child with others. Everyone has to face different
challenges; the circumstances differ from home to home. No two individuals are
the same; everyone has different sets of abilities and skills so parents should
be proud of their children for who they are




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