Siddharth Sharma- The Prodigy Kid

Siddharth is a fantastic talented child from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh. Along with the ability to understand and express, his memory is also fast. Siddharth is a versatile child, as he has comparatively earned distinguished qualifications in poetry, chess, and mathematics simultaneously. Siddharth has become well acquainted with the game of chess even before studying in nursery. In nursery class itself, Siddharth had started performing better in chess than at his age. Siddharth has been awarded medals and trophies from time to time by schools, chess associations, and other institutions for his performance and performance. Siddharth’s talent has been published in local newspapers for the last two years. Siddharth remembered the mountain up to a hundred, the square up to twenty, and the square root at the age of five. In addition, they have an understanding of decimals and percentages, etc. They add and subtract the number of twenty-five digits from the age of five. He has recited the third sarg of ‘Rashmirathi’ of ‘Ramdhari Singh Dinkar Ji’, ‘Sohanlal Dwivedi Ji’s composition ‘The boat does not cross due to fear of waves’, ‘Dushyant Kumar Ji’s composition ‘Ho Gayi Hai Pir Parvat-Si’ and many more. His talents were discovered by his parents when he studied in junior KG. One day, when his father was going to drop him out of school, a spontaneous poem arose in Siddharth automatically according to the environment and the environment. The title was, “I like it all.” Siddharth’s father was taken aback by Siddharth’s natural talent in the field of poetry. Siddharth remembered the names of 100 types of chess openings at the age of five. At the same time, about 500 technical words of chess and the names of the world champions of chess were also remembered at the age of five.

He also memorized the names of the state capitals of India and the districts of Chhattisgarh. About five hundred words of chess terminology and about a hundred opening names were covered by him. Although retaining the talent depends on certain elements, it seems to his parents personally that Siddharth, if he continues to get the skillful guidance and surroundings in the field of chess, can perform at the level of a chess master in the upcoming ten years. Along with this, some of Siddharth’s literary books may be published in the coming ten years and the possibility of something special in the field of mathematics is also vested in Siddharth. He has a Youtube channel in which there are videos regarding his skills.

Siddharth is interested in performing adventure tricks and reasoning besides poetry lessons, chess, and mathematics. In addition, he has a deep curiosity about everything and situations they come in contact with. The notion that children with extraordinary talents separate themselves from their peers because their intelligence is higher and they are busy finding facts in their particular field or engage in creative activity may be true for periods when fantastical talents engage in a quest or creativity. While maintaining their level the rest of the time, the extraordinary talents can be with equivalent peers. 

To maintain and preserve a child’s smooth childhood as a parent, it is necessary to keep the child active in all the activities in which he wants to be involved as a child. At the same time, the child can be motivated to develop a sense of innate brotherhood with children who are talented and endowed with other natural qualities in their counterparts. Everyone has a different childhood, so childhood cannot be generalized. The tendencies and habits with which any child thrives, the same flowers of personality bloom in it. It is in our hands as parents that we can present to them the best of all fields that we have come to understand, naturally, these areas also include childhood in the dimension of life. A creative pressure is necessary, rather than social pressure, which orients the person to do better. As a result, a person can do better than yesterday. The facts that have come to light as a parent during the upbringing of a talented child, I would like to share with the parents- An attempt should be made to generate singularities in the surrounding children as well. In the early stages of age, all those areas can be placed in front of the children, which the parents find suitable. Talent is not acceptable at the cost of humanity, so it can be made an associate in the development of sublime qualities in children.

Siddharth marvels at his sense of humor. At the same time, his quality of doing each task in his style affects. Siddhartha is a sensitive child, who can act by clearly understanding the opposite situations. This is all about Siddharth, the team The Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.