Sidharth Goutam- The Child Prodigy!

It is always the curiosity of a child that leads them to create wonders. If the curious questions are entertained by the parents at the right time then the child can be on the path of discovering new things and polishing the talent. Today we will be talking about the Child Prodigy- Sidharth Goutam who is all set to make the country proud because of this curious trait of his that will lead him to make achievements after achievements. He is the one who would question his teachers till the time his concepts are clear. 
He has immense interest in life science, space, amazing facts of world and whatever goes around him. It is not an over assumption to make that he will become a great researcher when he grows up.
Since the age of 3-4 years, he has been asking about whatever he watches in his environment, like “why we sweat when we are dehydrated?” He also asks about every food and its nutrition. Throwing some light on the amazing thread of incidents that Sidhart has astonished everyone with, his parents shared “One day he briefly explained digestive system in his own language what he understood. And told how it can be a better process.” By now we are sure that you are convinced that he leaves no stone unturned to add more data to his knowledge. He frequently discusses various subjects that are in his environment, and leave everyone spellbound by his self earned knowledge. While interacting with the Child Prodigy Team his parents told with sparkling eyes that “We feel overwhelmed when we see our child discussing variety of topics with so much perfection”.
 Wait! Let us amaze you more! Our little researcher was announced as master Sandipani in his preschool function. School selected him because of his progressive performance at school.
The wide spectrum of knowledge he has helped him get huge appreciation by everyone who knows him. Making all of us proud, he further amazes us by the characteristics that he possesses. He is the child who would greet everyone in a room. He never ignores to greet the elderly and pass a smile to his peers. He is the one who would always keep humanity as his priority over anything else. He has interests in Puzzle games and detective shows that add up more to his skills. He is truly a role model for kids his age. Mr. Nalinikanta Das (Father), Mrs. Bishnupriya Mallick    (Mother) ensure that their child remains grounded even after all the fame. They always behave normally to him and firmly believe that if fame will take the catch hold of his mind then that can increase the egotistical level and ruin his learning mentality.
Since the parents have raised a prodigy, we were curious to know what are the parenting tips that the parents have to share with other parents so they shared some key points like-
1) Don’t force kids to do something; let them find out their interests.
2) Never judge them based on marks they get in school. This demotivates the child.
 3) Try to keep them a bit away from people. They will create their universe.
 4) Appreciate your kid for every small achievement.
He is also very concerned about the environment and always tries to save every drop of water. He reasons that “Drinking water is limited on Earth” for the same. He makes sure to turn off the taps after using it or while brushing.
This was all about Sidharth Goutam who has made us super proud with his achievements. He is so innocent and a very honest child. He is a true embodiment of obedience. If he does anything wrong, he surrenders, even before asked. Everyone likes him, his teachers, his family relatives and everyone who has ever met him. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.