Somdeep Prali – The Child Prodigy

Somdeep Prali, an extremely talented and an intelligent kid is a child prodigy. His talents were first discovered when he was two years old. Today, at a very young age he holds two world records and four national records. He was also the champion of Dadagiri season 8 (quiz show) that was hosted by Saurav Ganguly, the former Indian cricket captain.

He aspires to become a research scholar in the field of mobility, aeronautics. To know more about him you must learn that he is an ambivert by nature and tends to uncover things in his own comfort zone while isolating himself from his other compeers. He is also really fond of cars and origami. Having a kind heart, he feeds puppies and helps people with donations.

His proud parents, Dipenra Nath Prali and Soma Prali reveal that Saurav Ganguly had distinguished Somdeep as a child prodigy and that this fact is not known by his other friends. Therefore, in future too his fame and success will not make him arrogant but will always keep him on the ground. They want all his dreams to come true and that he grows up to be an honest man who will do something for his nation. They believe he is a prodigy because he is way better in all respects as compared to his fellow mates.

Sometimes, they do feel pressure of the expectations that the society holds from their child but then they try and avoid these thoughts and live in the moment. In certain functions when Somdeep is requested to showcase his skills as he had done while making records, it makes them a bit uncomfortable.

A few parenting tips shared by them for the other parents is that every child is born unique and has different abilities and so parents must help their child recognize this skill and push them towards excellence. They must identify their likes and dislikes and groom/nurture them in a manner that will benefit them in pursuing their dream. In today’s day and age a child is much more mature and stable than it was previously during their times and hence it is important to treat them with greater understanding while always climbing the ladder of advancement.

Somdeep’s achievements –

2016 – 1 to 100 backward counting in 51 seconds. Later in the year 2019 the same record was achieved

in 30 seconds on the floor of Zee Dadagiri, hosted by Saurav Ganguly.

2016 – A to Z reverse chanting in 3.5 seconds. Later in the year 2019 the same record was achieved in 3

seconds on the floor of Zee Dadagiri.

Indian Book of Records:

2016 – Most number of opposites in one minute; 75 nos.

2016 – Most number of capitals of countries in 1 minute; 74 nos.

Universal Record Forum – National & World records:

2017 – All 198 capitals of different countries memorized in just 3 minutes.

2018 – Most national flags identified in Just 1 minute; 138 nos.

Champion in Dadagiri in Zee Network:

2019 – Highest individual score in the least eight seasons.

Global research & Records Foundation (GRRF) – World Record:

2020 – Most number of car logos identified in just one minute; 140 nos.

This was a small trailer of Somdeep’s life which I am sure has left you dumbfounded. His achievements

that is greater than his age. Team Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for all his future endeavors.

This was all about Somdeep Prali. The child prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavours.