Soorya Shree A: The Multi-Talented Girl

Children are full of life, they radiate happiness and positive vibes. Today we will be talking about Soorya Shree A, who is a very accomplished child, filled with positive energy and enthusiasm. She is very capable and loves to try out new things. She is a determined and easy-going girl who does not give up easily. She loves to keep herself engaged in fun activities.

She studies at Vidhyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. She is the daughter of Mr. Abirama Krubakar G and Mrs. Kowsalya S.

Soorya is quite flexible and likes to mingle with people and learn something from them. She is an obedient child who obeys her parents. She shares her views with her parents and friends. She is a good listener. She follows her routine work so passionately that she never gets distracted and diverted from it. She is a strong-headed girl who keeps on working on something until she accomplishes it.

She has received The Exemplar Award at her School. She has also won a Gold Medal in an Inter-District Swimming Meet. She can do headstands for more than 20 minutes. Not only this, but she can also do a headstand on a tumbler for more than 10 minutes. She can also ride a waver board while hooping for more than 10 minutes. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is.

Her parents discovered during the lockdown that she is a tenacious child who has a strong determination to do the task she desires. She started headstands as a fun activity but later on she fixed certain goals for her to achieve them with perfection.

After 10 years, her parents wish to see her as a champion who is loaded with multiple skills. Some of the most memorable moments for her parents are when Soorya did Sirsasana as a thanksgiving for all the front-line workers during a TV interview and when she won second prize in a Yoga Competition organized at District Level.

Her parents suggested us a few parenting with us that parents must give the kids freedom to think, guide them to act positively on what they like, help them to make the right decisions on their own, encourage them to do things wholeheartedly in the field they want to excel and appreciate them for their every little achievement.

She is very good at cooking, keeping her things in place, and housekeeping. She is very humble and never hurts anyone. She is good at tackling situations wisely. She is a caring girl who is very lucky to her parents and has changed their lives in many ways.

This was all about Soorya. The team of the Child Prodigy wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.