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Oscar Wilde rightly stated that “The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” Happiness can only be delivered when a child is provided with all the proper resources and a supportive environment.

Soumya has been modelling since 2017 and has an innate aspiration to be a model. She has been receiving more than two-three awards every year. Soumya states that her hobby class i.e., the Patrika classes has helped her find her true potentials in the field of modelling. Her mother who has been her biggest supporter, realized her true talent when in childhood she used to pose in front of the mirror and it made her brighten up.

Everyone opposed the line she is continue to choose as her career and as her hobby too, but her mother supported her instead of all criticism against this field. Modelling as a profession is criticized due to the stigma associated to it. The dark side of the modeling industry is about money, sexual harassment, lies and very creative bookkeeping, often leaving the working model on the outside looking in. There is continues “concern” raised by family members and relatives for Soumya joining this field but despite all these her mother supported her to join this field of her interest. Initially, Soumya’s father was also reluctant to her joining this field but her mother convinced him.

Soumya thre some light about how modelling as a talent is basically ignored while others skills and talents bloom in the spectrum of “performance shows.” She expressed that there should be modelling performance shows for children who aspire to join this profession. Further, it also brings out the unique skill of modelling. The stage brings the best out of Soumya as she is always confident and has an artistic approach. She aims to win to win so national or international title some day in her future and is working hard for her aspirations.


Her mother shared, “Recognize your child’s potentials and provide such an atmosphere where they can inculcate discipline for their aim.” She adds, “As a plaint in the house which gets care and attention by us, similarly we should nurture our kids and timely provide primary and secondary resources.” She requested all of the parents out here to focus on what your child is interested in. 

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