Soumya Priyadarshi – The Creative Child


Children are very curious and creative. For them, curiosity is a great motivation for learning. The creativity in children is enhanced when they ask about something and try to speculate the answers on their own. One such creative and talented girl is Soumya Priyadarshi. 

She studies in St. Xavier Senior Secondary School, Raj Niwas Marg, Delhi.  She is a keen observer and a hard-working girl.  Her teacher always praises her during the parent’s teacher meeting at school for her creativity and her dancing skills. She is so sensitive and always tries to learn new things. She has learned digital art. She learned to play the national anthem and happy birthday on guitar within the week to surprise her uncle on his birthday. She used to draw her ideas on paper when she did not know how to write.

At the age of 2 years and 8 months, her parents discovered her talent when she learned National Anthem and a Shloka and her video went viral on social media and when her Hindi Divas video became so popular and trending on Twitter. 

After 10 years from now her parents Purushottam Priyadarshi (father) and Jyoti Rani

(mother) see her as a good human being, a good speaker, and an artist. She won the Allen Spell Bee competition, Ramakrishna Ashram English Recitation, International Olympiad of Math and Science. She has participated in drawing, English elocution, Hindi and English creative writing, and various school speech competitions.

When, we ask her mother about the notion whether it is correct that the Child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone? 

In the response, they said that every child has some unique features and all they need is to be trained properly. The child prodigies help their peer mates. Every child is smart enough, we just need to push them a little bit to know their talent.

One of the most memorable moments for her parents was when she got 1st position in school sports day when she was in prep and she is still getting the first position. 

Her parents told us that once she tried to draw a doll over and over again to draw it beautifully. It was the school diamond jubilee grand celebration at school and she performed quite well despite suffering from fever. 

 Her interest includes swimming, playing chess, playing guitar, skating, art, papercraft, and learning new things. She is a very soft-spoken person and cares for her younger sister and her parents. 

The parenting tips that parents shared with us to raise the Child Prodigy are that all parents must spend quality time with their child and be good listeners as well good friends to them. They further added that never try to put any pressure on the kid. Comfort and mental peace are the priority for our child to provide exposure in any field.

This was all about Soumya who is all set to reach certain milestones in her life. The Child Prodigy wishes you much more happiness, love, and all the very best for her future endeavours.