Soumya- The Child Prodigy


A child is an uncut diamond,” says Austin O’Malley. Children are born with an empty mind and learn as they are taught. Parents shape them into diamonds. Soumya here from Delhi is an amazing child with knowledge in various fields. Her keen interest in learning more and coming up with more and more questions made her knowledgeable in all fields whether it be a basic study which includes reading and writing essays, having knowledge of maths or basic grammar in Hindi and English, Geeta shlokas, or mantras. Also, she never fails to amuse someone with her general knowledge beyond imagination.

Her father Arun Pandey and mother Supriya Rani discovered their child’s talent when she was 9 months old and showed interest in books towards religious teachings, mantras, and many more. 10 years from now they want to see Soumya as a very good human being with a good heart and so much knowledge that she always is ready to share it with all other people. She is an extrovert i.e. someone who is not shy in front of others and knows to behave well with people.

We asked them about their opinion on the notion that child prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone to which they responded that they believe her to be extrovert and always keen towards gaining knowledge, so she would not isolate herself completely but can sometimes be busy with herself while she is between the process of learning.

Further, we explained to them as after the features their child will get through this platform people will start recognizing her and the fame that follows is something beyond imagination so how do they plan to ensure a normal childhood for their child. They responded that parents are the building blocks for a kid’s future and they will ensure that she is not exposed much to social media and they will handle everything according to the situation.

We asked them later to share some memorable moments they had with their little one by which we came to know that when she was 5 months she uttered the word dada for the first time and everyone in the family was full of joy. When she was 10 months old she used to copy dance and started dancing everywhere. She has a keen interest in books and whenever we go out shopping she for sure buys a book for her. Her morning starts with bhajans and her bedtime stories are of God too.

We asked them about the pressure from the expectations that the society may hold on their child, they said it to be natural and it is their responsibility being a parent that they give her wings and make sure she flies in the right direction. They recommend other parents to give wings to their children and let them fly and don’t force them to focus only on studies. Try to find their interest and just support and guide them and it’s necessary to have a balance with them being a friend and a guardian.

Her achievement is her knowledge and she is only 4 years old so her parents don’t expose her much to the social world and her YouTube channel Little Angel Soumya talks about her skills and achievements. This was all about Soumya and the child prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.