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Srivally Duddilla is a young and bright girl with multiple talents and achievements. To name a few, she is good at dancing, painting and singing, but even more brilliant at writing and narrating stories. The achievements of the little star girl are even bigger as she is already making her parents proud by winning best storyteller award, thrice.

Besides this, she has notched top position in public speaking and has even won various national and international awards for her talent in writing and narrating stories.

For her age-mates, being talented in one stream is very common but Srivally is mastering in various streams, making her worthy of being the all-rounder child prodigy.

“She was just 5-years old when she had a passion for learning new things. Her interest in adding knowledge is something that makes her stands out from others. Her talents and passion made us realise that our little girl is a true child prodigy”, said Srivally’s parents while talking to the team, adding that they are sure that Srivally will become mentally and physically strong in the next 10 years.

“Above that, she will be the bravest and smartest person to lead a happy life”, they said.  

Enthusiastic by nature, Shivally cheers up the moment by her beautiful smile. She knows how to make her own place while being in every environment, while her confident and obedient nature further helps in achieving great heights.  

Parents of little Srivally, however, firmly believe that not all the child prodigies keep themselves away from others. “Every child has a different nature and many child prodigies love to spend time with their family and friends. Srivally is one such kind-hearted soul who loves to capture memories with family and friends”, they said, adding that every moment that they had spent with their star daughter is precious and memorable for them.

“She is our heartbeat”, they quoted charmingly.   

When asked about how they will ensure a normal childhood for their child after she will get recognised for her achievements and talents, Srivally’s parents said, “In the future when her hard work will get admired by others, then our effort will be to teach her the importance of being humble and patient. However, rest will depend on the mind’s closet.”

“However, aspirations and expectations of society from my child do not apply to us because I will never let society put pressure on my daughter. We, as her parents, will protect our heartbeat from every negativity that will try to harm her”, her father said. 

While giving advice to other parents, Srivally’s parents further added, “Every parent dreams big for their children and sometimes, the dreams don’t not get fulfilled. However, never force the children with your aspirations and let your children have some experiences in their lives, both good and bad. The crucial part of this journey is that parents should hold children’s fingers whenever they fall.”

“Let your children be as they like. Just hold their finger to make them walk properly and don’t just show them the direction but you should also follow them in their path”, they concluded.

The all-rounder Srivally’s attitude towards humans and creatures is very kind. She loves to play with birds, animals, and butterflies. She amazes her parents always as they never thought that their doll will be so humble and full of positivity.

“Usually, children learn from their parents but in reality parents also learn from their kids as well. She is an inspiration for others. Every child should excel in studies as well as in curricular activities which gives them the opportunity to explore the surroundings”, Srivally’s parents said proudly while explaining her achievements and nature.






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