Taairah – The Mellifluous Singer


A Child Prodigy is a person who is multi-talented and achieves something great under the age of 10. One such prodigy is Taairah Soni, who is only 3 years and 6 months old. She goes to Let’s Talk Club by Khushbu Dhawan and The Popsicles Early Learning Centre, Delhi.

Taairah has a melodious voice sings very beautifully and has a keen interest in singing the songs of the Golden Era. She loves to sing the songs of Mohd. Rafi and Kishore Kumar. She can also sing English Classical songs quite well.

Taairah unconsciously switches between American and Indian accents while speaking English and switches to an American accent when she is playing with her toys or opening a storybook and narrating a story. She got the first prize in the Children’s day competition for spreading the message over ‘Save the Tigers’.

The first time when her parents Abhinav Soni (father) and Taarini Soni (mother) discovered her talent was when she could sing it quite well at the age of 3 years and 4 months old, which astonished them.

When our team asked her parents about where they see their child after 10 years from now? 

Her parents replied that they can’t possibly predict where the child will be in near future. but knowing her skills they can see that she is more capable of handling things on her own and more skilled in her way of singing and also Taairah is interested in ballet dancing. 


Moreover, her parents told us the notion that Child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone is not correct at all. They further added that they don’t feel any pressure or expectations from society.

Some of the most memorable moments of Taairah are that:


When she participated in a contest she was awarded the Ms. Photogenic of the year Award at the age of 1. 

Later in 2021, Taairah participated in India kids fashion week, there she walked so happily on the ramp with confidence, waving at the audience. She was the youngest child to walk on the ramp that day and became the showstopper of the show.

She was awarded Ms. Confident recently in her center “The popsicles Early learning center”.

Taairah’s mother told us that she has always been a child who is full of life and prefers to be with people. She enjoys and likes to seek attention when she is singing. Her family has always been her strength in encouraging and doing what she is best at. Being a part of a joint family with a strong value system she understands the value of ordinary things in her life and this is how a normal childhood can be ensured to her.

Taairah is an extrovert and she likes to be surrounded by people playing dates at the indoor play areas is her favorite. She is fond of listening to music and of course singing songs from the olden days.

She has a desire to meet singer Sanam Puri one fine day.

Her parents shared parenting tips with us and told us that – “Toddlers can pick up things very fast. Try doing a lot of things with your kids from a very early age”.

Taairah is very caring and she can understand and talk well about her emotions. She knows that h her mother is forgetful about her daily medicines and she always gives them to her in the morning. She recites Gayatri Mantra every morning. Taairah blesses her father every day when he leaves home for office. Taairah has amazed her parents with her accent switching.


This was all about Taairah. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavours.