Taha Rahman- The Child Prodigy


Child Prodigies never fail to amaze us by doing something that we cannot even imagine. They not only excel in the activities they do but also manage everything so well at a tender age.

Today we will be talking about Taha Rahman who has amazed us with his talents. Taha is a multi-talented young boy who is exceptionally creative and innovative by his mind. He is intellectually very strong and his technical knowledge is way ahead of his age. He is a very fast learner, a deep thinker, and gained expertise in a variety of fields. From a young age, he has accomplished a lot. 

Let us now have a peep into his life. From a very young age, his interests were recognized by his parents. He was very different from his peers, he always asks very deep questions and enjoys science, when kids of his age were busy seeing cartoons, he learned about the functions of the heart. Taha is very brilliant at studies at school and home both and is also the best student at his school he has so many types of talent in him like the master of football, master of cricket, etc.

Commenting on the notion of child prodigies isolating themselves from the rest of the world as they have an IQ higher than that of their peer mates his mother shared “Yes, I agree with it. My son has faced this situation many times when he wanted to discuss his ideas and thought with his friends. So, he has to discover his passion by himself and felt isolated when dealing with higher knowledge content”.

She further added, “Being his mother most important to me is his happiness and emotional well-being”. When asked how you ensure keeping your child grounded after all the fame he gets for his talents she commented “I believe I have rooted the strong values of being humble and modest since his childhood. He feels happy by these achievements, but as he has accomplished a lot in past, so he knows how to remain grounded while spreading the wings”, her eyes shined with pride.

He is a true example of an exemplary hardworking child. When he was in grade 1 his talents were recognized and he got appreciation from his teachers. To date whenever his teachers encounter his parents they sing verses in his praise.

He has expertise in academics and sports.

We are sure you want to know what views his parents hold regarding how to nurture your child’s talents. Sharing their views his parents gave some tips “You should give your child complete freedom to become successful in the field he is interested in, don’t pressure him to follow another dream instead of the dream he wants.” affirmed Mrs. Naziya Rahmanhis mother.

Taha has achieved many prestigious awards and has got appreciation at various platforms. He is a brilliant child in his school. He won the Gold medal twice as Winner in Bob. He has also been the winner of the National club foundation. He is proficient in speaking, giving speeches, and sports. He also holds good values and offers a helping hand in household courses. 

These were some of the glimpses about Taha Rahman’s life who by using his technical, creative, and innovative skills have done many projects and got a lot of appreciation for same. Team Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future.