Tamanna: The World Record Holder


Child prodigies achieve something beyond their imagination at a very young age. Today we will be talking about one such prodigy Tamanna K. Jain who has bagged a lot of world records in sketching. She has a special love for colors and pencils. She studies at CMI International school in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. 

Her parents Mr. Kapil R. Jain and Mrs. Tara K. Jain discovered her talent for the first time when she started playing with colorful threads at the age of 2 and then when she started coloring using crayons at the age of 4.

Her mother encouraged her to utilize her free time in sketching and coloring during the lockdown. Her parents see her doing her higher studies abroad in interior design in the coming years. 

She has a long list of achievements and Rajasthan Patrika, a Hindi newspaper had published an article for the appreciation of her achievements. 

Her achievements are as follows:

She received Bal Ratna Award in 2016 by National Institute Kala Bharati Child Art in Aurangabad. 

She won the Best Artist Award in 2016 from the National institute world child art development Ahmednagar. 

She got Golden Art Award in 2016 By the Rangotsav Celebration of the National Level Drawing Competition. 

Gold Medal for Art 2016 By School India IT solution Chennai. Trophy for art by little Indians academy Coimbatore 2020. 

She has received multiple certificates from school and other organizations for her budding art and has also got the best budding artist award. 

She also claimed an appreciation record in the India Book of records in 2020 for excellent pencil sketches. 

She won a bronze medal in a National Drawing and Painting Competition organized by Dessin Academy in the year 2020.

She secured 11th position in Group B for art in Kalam World Record organized by Nizhalgal Trust in 2021.

In 2021 she made a new world record in sketching when she drew Lord Ganesha in different poses using alphabets and numbers and got her name in Kalam’s World Record.  

She bagged a gold medal in International Art Contest 2021 By Nizhalgal Trust and received the “new record “title for the same from India’s Book of Records and Asia’s Book of Records.

She has also been honored with the “Honorary Doctorate Achiever Certificate” in the year 2021.

She has also received many Olympiad Medals at the National and International levels in different subjects. 

Her parents shared a few memorable moments with Tamanna which were when she wanted her mother to make different shaped dosa except circle and her mother made her alphabets using dosa batter and when she taught her father flossing which turned out to be very funny and left everyone laughing for a long time. 

Some parenting tips by her parents:

1. Communicate with your child and try to know what are their likes and dislikes.

2. Praise them for every small or big achievement.

3. Encourage them to think bigger.

Besides sketching, Tamanna loves to swim and write stories. She is also learning to play ukulele and different artwork. Tamanna is an ambivert, sensible, and caring girl. She takes care of her grandparents quite well in the absence of her parents. Once she stayed awake in the night to comfort his grandfather till he went to sleep when he was unable to sleep due to being sick and had to take oxygen regularly. 

This was all about Tamanna. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.