Tanish Sain – Remembers It All

According to Cambridge Dictionary a child prodigy is ‘a young child who has very great ability in something.’

Where sometimes even the smartest people find it difficult to remember something, there are some children who remember it all. One such child is Tanish Sain, residing in West Bengal this child prodigy had started showing his talent of extra ordinary memory power just after the age of 2 years only. He is an extrovert, very talkative and hyperactive child who loves to play football and solve puzzles. He can identify the 58+ specific country name by looking at the image of the countries’ flags along with the country’s capital name. He can solve a 24 pieces spiderman puzzle within four minutes or even less. He can recite 7 full Bengali poems out of which one is of 324 words. He knows 40 Bengali and 30 English rhymes and spellings of more than 30+ words. He can tell you 14 rocks’ names in English, name all the planets in our solar system and counting from 1 to 100. He can identify colors, type of animals and their baby names, sounds and their homes, flowers, vehicles and their modes, birds, fruits, insect body parts, vegetables, indoor and outdoor games. He can identify the colors in Indian flag, and name you the highest peak, the first sunrise place, name of the desserts, longest river and even maximum rainfall in India. He can sing national anthem and can also recite the Guru Mantra in Sanskrit with Shri Krishna speech ‘ Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya..’

No doubt these achievements are hard to achieve even for an intelligent, smart grown up, and if we talk about a child then only a prodigy can achieve this level of knowledge. No doubt Tanish  Sain with his extraordinary memory power is an extraordinary learner and fortunately there is no end to learning, we can learn about something new everyday and even every second of our life and Tanish with his extraordinary memorizing ability has this opportunity which may be a dream for many.


This was all about Tanish Sain. The child prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavours.