Tanishka Naidu- ‘The All Rounder Girl’



There exists a lot of people with various talents but some have every talent and one such girl is Tanishkaa who is a versatile girl and has excelled in everything she has taken up. At the age of 5, her parents recognized her talent and believe that their daughter’s talent will get recognized and she will get famous for her abilities. 

Being an extrovert, her parents agree with the notion that child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their zone. 

Her parents have a lot of memory with their daughter and Tanishka always win everybody’s heart with her kind and compassionate nature. When asked about pressure from society’s expectations, her parents said “As said earlier I would make her understand she is under no pressure to compete with others. She needs to focus on herself and improve herself.” When asked about how they will ensure a normal childhood for their daughter, her mother said that they will continue their normal life and make her understand that we should always keep on improving ourselves. 

The parenting tips they give is “Give children the freedom to learn what they want.” Tanishka loves to do creative things and has achieved a lot of things which has been discussed below-

Tanishka has won the Jury award for the ‘Hi buddy’ competition for her picture on how COVID has changed our lives positively Feb 2021. This was a state-level competition.

She has received the jury award for a global art competition on the topic “My Ganesha” and this was also a state-level competition. 

She won a junior chess competition under 10 which was a Telangana chess competition held in October 2021.

She won for her picture of happy day which was conducted by Prerna creations on the eve of children’s day Dec 2021.

she has completed the young scientist program Junior level in May 2021.

Tanishka won the gold medal for performance excellence in Olympiad for English at the zonal level. She holds 4th rank in international, regional, and zonal for 2020-21.

She is also awarded a gold medal of excellence for performance excellence at the school level in the science Olympiad for 2020-21.

Tanishka’s picture of the girl child was selected for the final round of the International Global Art Competition 2021.

She recently cleared a regional level competition conducted by Global Art in association with Color champ and is into the national finals which are on 23 January 2022. 

She is a certified Android app and game developer with UI and UX interface.

 She completed all the 3 levels in basic foundation with Global art.


This was all about Tanishka Naidu, The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavors.