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With every stroke of brush, he takes leads into something out of the world. Tanveer is a four-year-old child prodigy from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. He is an outstanding painter and has shown brilliance in the area of theatrics and performance. He has been receiving awards since the tender age of eighteen months.


The first competition he has ever participated in was just to give him an exposure as Tanveer mingled up pretty well with people, it was just a forum for him to explore his potentials. He won an award at the tender age of eighteen months on a public platform having up to two hundred contestants in The Best Krishna Competition. He presented himself really well and jelled up with the audience and hosts. Tanveer is in sync with his artistic realm which makes him an impressive painter. He is very creative and a unique artistic approach towards everything in life. He learned all his painting techniques from YouTube. This wunderkind has been recognised as the Best Painter in the school at the age pf three years and is continuing to do so.


In an interview with us, her mother revealed the criticism they got to admit their child into school at an appropriate age. Some suggested that the age of three is recommended to join pre-school as it can lead to their child developing into a bully. This derogatory comment encouraged Tanveer’s mother to prove everyone wrong who indirectly questioned her upbringing. Tanveer is the topper of the class and continues to excel in many other fields. His mother threw light on the importance of appropriate age to admit students into school. Awareness about the pressure children take if they are not admitted into school at appropriate age and it can be hindering to put pressure in such a precarious age. This can also lead them being clueless. In this informative interview we also came across the fact that there are some mentors in our life who are supposed to nurture our minds but sadly they pressurise and hinder our growth by imposing society-related expectation.


Tanveer is receiving adequate support from his parents and teachers. His class in-charge Ms. Inderjeet Singh is very impressed by him and helps him explore his potentials. As a teacher himself, her mother handles every pressuring situation ever pondered onto her son and teaches him how to properly cope up with such circumstances.

His mother’s golden parenting mantra is to never let anyone interfere in your upbring and nurturing techniques and never force your children into something they are not willing to do. Comparing children to others can hear wrenching for the children and can have an irreversible impact on their development. The quote fits quite perfectly here- “Be the change you want to see.” As his parents never let him face the same obstacles they faced. They provide the perfect environment for their child to follow his passions.


Tanveer is an extrovert and jells up quickly with others. He is inclined to learn new things and discusses with his parents. He is a goal-oriented person who always remains focused on his aim and never gets distracted. He is a disciplined child and willed to do everything he likes. This inspiring story of Tanveer is inspiring to many.



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