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Bianca Dalwadi is very intelligent and multitalented girl who has made a history. She is 11 years old girl from Ahmedabad, India. She studies in 6th standard at Anandi Niketan Shilaj Campus. At the age of 7 on September 29th, 2017 she passed Java SE6 certification managed by Oracle University with 85% in fifteen minutes only. She made this world record at a very young age. Her mother shared in an interview with The Child Prodigy that when Bianca was 3 years old they had a test done in which they came to know that on the basis of her mother and father’s genetics her mind is developing more interest in computer and technology. And by that time Bianca’s mother gave her more time to learn computers. Not only her mother encouraged her but the most of the credit goes to the teacher who taught her. Thejourney started with MR. DheerajPoojara in Royal Institute. He also supports her spiritually and emotionally whenever she feels low .He the one who made her what is she today at this age. Learning from him was living a way of life. She feels blessed to have him in her life.

Bianca has been awarded by International Book of Records as “SUPER TALENTED KID” title on 28th Novemeber 2020 and found her “ONE IN A MILLION”.She performs“havanyagya” daily for the wellness and betterment of humanity and mankind. She is very down to earth person. Even she teaches computers to the students at this age. Over and above this it is not that the computer or technology is her soul passion but she also actively participates in social functions and family gatherings. She always helps her friends and students in school. She is a very sweet and lovely soul who is doing a very tremendous job at this age.

She loves to do animation, playing games on her I-Pad, reading stories and creating characters of the story. She is very imaginative and creative. Her mother also shared that pandemic 2020 started with lot of fears and anxiety. Lockdown was the most crucial time for kids who were trapped in their dens during summer vacation with no activities.

Amidst all the odds Bianca Dalwadi with the help of her teacher Mr. DhirajPoojara started teaching doodle through online classes for her friends and family with a noble cause to use earnings for pets and stray animals and birds providing them food, milk and grains.

 Not only this but she keptdoing “havanyagya” and mantras on daily basis which enlightened her spiritual side of teaching and her lessons of self-discipline and wellness. Her mother is a single parent but she never stops herself by the thought of this. She kept her pace till the time Bianca didn’t succeed. She is the spine of her success. She always motivates her to do best in her life. She is a great mother and her message to other parents is that start recognizing the interests of your kids by the age of one atleast. You can make their path easy if you know their interests and specialities.

The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the kids who are extraordinarily talented and Bianca Dalwadiis one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies. She has earned the title “The youngest programmer” by The Child Prodigy Magazine for her extraordinary skills in education. 

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September 1, 2021

Proud parents
God bless her

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