Thaswika: The All Rounder Girl


Children of today are the future of tomorrow. Today we will be talking about a multi-talented girl Krovi Thaswika who will leave you amazed with her achievements. She studies at Delhi Public School in Nacharam, Hyderabad. 

Thaswika is very consistent and observant towards what she picks up to learn and master that particular skill. She is blessed with amazing grasping and retention power. She is a hard-working girl and tends to complete the work assigned to her. She solves the problems until she masters them. She utilized her time during the lockdown period and learned many skills. She has an excellent memory and remembers all key points and minute details of every incident that has happened in the past.

Thaswika had been a brilliant student in her school since she was 3 years old. She always scores above 90%. After seeing her attraction towards colors and drawing since childhood, her mother got her enrolled in drawing classes at the age of 4.

Her parents Mr. Krovi Srikanth and Mrs. Swathi Naidu think that after 10 years from today Thaswika is going to master Piano and Art and will bag many awards in chess.

Thaswika is an introverted and cool-headed child. Her behavior did not change at all even after achieving a lot at this tender age but she rather started focusing on her next step. 

The list of her achievements is quite long:

She secured 9th rank in SOF International English Olympiad conducted in 2020-2021.

She has completed the basic levels from 1 to 3 in art and has now enrolled in the intermediate course.

She was the 2nd Runner Up in International Global Art Competition where she competed with participants from 19 countries. 

She won the Championship Trophy in a competition organized at a regional level.

She has completed the Grade 1 keyboard course and will take the Electronic Keyboard Grade 1 exam from Trinity College of London next month.

She was selected to host the Annual Day celebrations for Grade 3&4 at her school. 

She has completed Elementary and Pro 1-18 levels from Dhyan Chess Academy. 

She stood 1st in Just A Minute Competition, 2nd in Story Telling Puppetry Competition, 1st position in Poetry Picasso Competition, 2nd position in Patriotic Monologue Competition at her school.

She has also won 1st prize in Mask making, Young Designer, and Vocabulary Parade Competition.

She has always been a vital part of special assemblies conducted at her school.

She has done anchoring in front of the almost 1000 audience for her School Annual Day Celebrations for classes 3 & 4. 

She won the Outstanding Performance Award for Paint your Dream, Poem Writing, and Comicon Competition in class 3rd at her school. 

She also Secured 1st position in Mini Chef Competition.

She has won the “All-Rounder” Award for the academic year 2020-21.

When she was preparing for International Global Art Competition where she had to compete with kids across 19 countries, she used to draw for 4-5 hours a day. Her mother told her not to get disheartened even if she doesn’t get any award. She confidently replied that she will certainly win if her art will be worthy of it. Her hard work paid off and when she switched on the TV, it was announced that she was the 2nd Runner Up from Global Art India Participant. She had burst into tears of happiness. 

Thaswika’s mother once told her that there are only 2764 female pilots in our country and she said that she wants to be one of them. 

Her parents usually keep her away from the limelight. Her parents suggested a few parenting tips that parents must help their children to explore their interests and guide them properly. 

Once she left her drawing teachers as well as her parents amazed when she asked her parents not to celebrate her birthday because she had a National level competition and she practiced for it for several hours. 

Thaswika takes care of her younger sister when her parents are not at home. is very specific about keeping her cupboard clean and in a well-organized manner. She even helps her mother with the household chores. She is always excited to help her mother with the Diwali cleaning. 

This was all about Thaswika. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future endeavors.