The Singing Star – Amritansh Shrivastava

The child who comes out to be an exception among children of his age is called Child Prodigy. The child who reaches the level which is achieved from years of practice. They are born with such talent. These gems are hard to find yet, not impossible. We have also come through one boy named Amritansh Shrivastava, who is a great singer at such young age. He is a cute child who belongs to Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The proud parents of the child are Animesh Kumar Shrivastava and Archana Shrivastava.

 It is found that the child with exceptional talent has an IQ level greater than their peer children. The Amritansh Shrivastava is an ambivert child. He opens up easily to others but takes some time to become friendly with them. This also helped the child as he was able to communicate and learn the skills more easily. He belongs to a normal middle-class family and he is not just a good singer but also a good son. The father of Amritansh Shrivastava told that when his mother fells ill he tries to help her in the household works too.

 His parents believe that even though their child has such exceptional talent the child must have a normal childhood. A normal childhood according to his father is very necessary for a normal life and also enhances their creativity. his way they can explore the abilities within them. The father (Animesh Kumar Shrivastava ) is very focused and teaches him to be friendly and never expect that he is best. Yet, asks him to practice and compete with himself to become a fine singer. The other hobbies that interest the Amritansh Shrivastava are cricket and studies. He is also good at these things.

 He was only 1.5 years old when he started singing and his parents realized that their child is gifted with the talent of singing. He was singing a song and the voice was so melody that even his parents were surprised. They got a hint that their child is exceptional. When first-time Amritansh Shrivastava performed on the stage, he was fearless. He did not show any stage phobia. He performed very well among the audience with confidence. He also has a youtube channel where he showcases his singing skills. The child has achieved many awards. Even though we are not able to include every single award won by him in this article. But, we have included some awards for you.

 He was the winner of Aviva Keeon Season 2, a Raipur idol, Chattisgarh idol, C.G Rajya Kalanya Parishad, and Rising Kayastha Stars at the national level. He even participated in the worldwide renounced singing competition named Indias next master kid. It is the show which allows every child to showcase their talent on the stage. Even though he was not able to win the show yet, he was able to come to the top five finalist list from his hard work and talent. Apart from this he even participated in the Shehzade Hunar Ke: a promo shoot and he was able to win the show.

This was all about Amritansh Shrivastava. The child prodigy wishes him all the best for future endeavours.