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The prodigy of some of the country’s children has led to unimaginable performances at their age and Eight-year-old Vinayak and 12-year-old Kartik Tara from Ambala, Haryana are India’s child prodigies who have developed ventilators and automatic hand sanitizer dispensers to help reduce contact between healthcare workers and Covid-19 patients while innovators, experts, entrepreneurs across the country are trying their best to come up with solutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. These both talented kids have been pursuing a robotics course from Robochamps, an Edutech Startup based in Chandigarh. 

Elder brother Karthik Tara says, “We were seeing the increasing scale of Corona in the country every day in the news on the internet, television and its impact on people and economies too. So I wanted to contribute to society and I Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While younger brother Vinayak says that I am really happy that we have created something that will help in hospitals and public places to fight with this pandemic.” To check the spread of the infection further and help the forefront staff, both kids made the programmed sanitizer distributor model that can recognize a hand from a scope of 2 cms. It works in a similar way to how programmed taps work in shopping centers. It has been worked inside a value section of Rs 850. The children are meaning to convey in any event 100 models promptly and have asked the Indian government to stretch out its help to them.

Additionally, for helping frontline clinical staff at hospitals, the children have made programmed ventilators that work in collaboration with a versatile application for exact observing and controlling. The whole plan is made to be efficient inside a value scope of Rs 1,560. The sibling duo conceptualized, planned, and constructed the mechanized machines under the direction of Akshay Ahuja, Founder, RoboChamps.

About the ventilator, Akshay Ahuja Added, “At present, a lot of wellbeing foundations and bodies have been working on growing new models of a ventilator utilizing 3D printing to assist with the lack of ventilators, nonetheless, the model created by our students is totally extraordinary as we are changing over manual ventilators into programmed however the cycle will be the equivalent, to pump the inflatable and utilize two wooden dividers rather than hands to evade human cooperation.”

As of now, both the children are working on two more robot prototypes. The first model will help convey food to Covid 19 patients without human intercession. It will be altered according to beds in the emergency clinic and this robot can supply food to each patient consequently. The second model will be a construction that can clean the entire body when somebody goes through it. The design can be introduced in schools, shopping centers, and any remaining swarmed puts once lockdown is finished.

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