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Google defines a prodigy as a young person with exceptional qualities or abilities.Today we will be talking about Vachi Aggarwal who has amazed us with her talents. Let our know-how. So being a 10-year-old, considering the achievements, character traits, and activities that Vachi performs has lived up to the very definition of a child prodigy. The passion she puts into each of her activities be it chess or YouTube has outdone herself in terms of individual efforts. Vachi has been playing chess since a very young age and the dedication she puts in beats adults too. She is an ideal girl who can manage her academics along with her co-curricular activities. Her willingness to do things, the right way and be equally compassionate towards society pays testimony to this fact.

It is because of the innate potential that the child possesses, right parenting, and the zeal that the child has that helps them to outshine. Being ambitious parents, Vachi’s parents always make her participate in various competitions and join vacation camps to polish and learn new skills. It was in 2018, summer vacations her mother was hunting for some good summer camps for her. Then she came across a summer camp of Chess. It was a 15 days camp, as Vachi was able to grasp the concepts very fast. The coach suggested an advanced course for her as she was very quick as compared to the other kids. From that day till date she has become very passionate about chess. Won many state awards, participated in many international tournaments like Commonwealth, etc, and won many awards.

Vikas Aggarwal (Vachi’s father), Pooja Aggarwal (Vachi’s mother) shared their views on the notion of child prodigies grow up to be introverts as they do not get well along with their peer mates because of higher IQ levels. The views that they share will win your heart. “As per my observation and understanding, it isn’t right to get isolated from other peers. Considering the world we live in, every child possesses a caliber that differentiates and holds relevance. Being a prodigy does not necessarily mean you are superior but exceptional and that indeed should be used as an opportunity to form a coherent group where you learn and impart what you have to offer” her mother affirmed.

When asked about ensuring a normal childhood for Vachi as she is getting a lot of fame because of her talents. The parents quoted Bob Marley once said, “I can handle fame by not being famous to myself”. They further added, “This very belief will be ensured at home. Knowing Vachi and the current environment of our home, we are certain of the fact that to remain grounded would not be a problem. As far as a normal childhood is considered, it will go on to be as it is now and has always remained, the fame will however be an adage and motivation for her to do well in future consistently”.

Vachi is interested in a diverse curriculum of activities. Primarily, chess is something that she’s been doing for a long. She’s highly interested in coding and has been trying to learn. You’ll mostly find her writing stories and poems or even singing while playing the keyboard. Academically she loves math and calculations; she’s an English enthusiast and loves mythology as much as anything else. Reading books and comics has been a recent development that she can’t take her mind off.

We are sure that you want to have some parenting tips by Vachi’s parents so here are some tips by them-

 1. Plan up your day along with your child

 2. Be consistent in whatever you are doing

 3. Do not set high expectations

 4. Don’t be too hard.

“There is one particular thing that we’re amazed of, Vachi can plan impromptu yet very thoughtful games. There have been a lot of times where we’ve been astonished thinking of how the concept came up. I remember last year we 3 were all alone in Jaipur. My husband was posted in Pune. All of a sudden around 9 pm I got very severe pain in my right hand and my hand stopped moving. Both of them handled the situation so maturely. Vachi was sitting beside me applying ointments etc. Ishita quickly called one of my friends and then they took me to the doctor. I was advised 15 days of bed rest. My hand was completely stuck. Both my daughters were around me to help me with each n every small chore even the fed with their hands. Vachi being younger she always assisted her elder sister” shared Mrs. Aggarwal smiling radiantly.

All of life’s greatest things originate with humble beginnings. 

 Rajasthan International Film Festival 2021 has an interesting entry this year. A short film called Nile Tamatar was directed by Dr. Dashora. The movie was based on mental depression faced by kids due to over expectation of parents. This was the debut film of 9-Year-old Vachi, who was also the single actor in the film. The movie has received a special jury award.

It was all about Vachi Aggarwal whose journey started around 4 years back when she made her debut in the world of Chess. At the age of 6, she won the under 7 State Chess Championship. Since then she played a lot of tournaments at the national and international levels. She won various awards in the Under 9, Under 15, and Commonwealth category. She also participated in various cultural events. The lockdown in the year 2020, tried to put a break on her chess career but she bounced back. Her parents launched her dedicated channel on English Literature called “Vachi Voca talks”. This theme-based channel has covered various aspects of English Literature and also storytelling sessions. This channel has got records of more than 52 videos within the last year, with one new video updated every week. All the stories are worked upon by Vachi and then assisted by her parents for a video shoot.


 At the tender age of 9, Vachi has got a plethora of achievements and will keep on working hard towards many more. Team Child Prodigy wishes her all the best for her future.

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