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“Fun with learning,” this is the golden mantra Vani Karpatne’s parents apply for her better learning. Vani Karpatne is a child prodigy who has won many accolades in International Olympiads. She has acclaimed her name India Book of Records for the Extraordinary talent in GK. Vani is a curious child and loves activities related to art and craft. She loves listening music and has memorized lyrics of many songs. Not just that, Vani can recite many Sanskrti Sholkas with the correct pronunciation.
In grade one, Vani won the title of Young Achiever of India 2020-21 for extraordinary skill in G.K. In addition to that she also won the Certificate and Medal from Indian Glory Book of Records for the same. Further she achieved the similar title from Champions Book of World Records.
She got first rank int the BRICKSMATH.COM 4TH International Competition in Math. Vani has also gained the EXPRESSIONS 2020-21 AWARD FOR POETRY AND RECITATION and for Innovative Presentation on Rain water Harvesting under the subject Never Refuse to Rescue. Also, she gained certificate for quiz on road safety by Government of India. Her list of achievement is quiet impressing as she has received 6 medals in distinctive international Olympiads. Last but not the least she received the trophy , Certificate and momentous from Wonder Book of Records International.
When Vani was in Kindergarten , her teacher made her participate in a Quiz competition. The competition was on intra school level and she got a week period for preparation. After the quiz competition she came home and told her parents that she did well and that she got the 1st prize. A week later her school Principal called her parents for a meeting. Vani’s Principal was astonished by her performance. Vani answered all questions which were asked in rapid fire format. Vani then received a certificate of appreciation and won a trophy. Vani’s parents then had an epiphany that their daughter is a prodigy.
Her parents believe in one life mantra i.e., to learn everything by fun not just by studying or just rote learning it. Vani’s parents have come up with this idea that has surprised us. They believe that “what you want your kids to do, you have to do it first.” Kids are so pure and innocent that they learn everything from their parents and Teachers. As parents and teachers are the first source of knowledge . So to bring out the best in your kids, Parents should first becomes what they want their kids to be like. Vani’s parents never pressurized her to learn anything. She is so intrigued to learn that she comes up with new things to learn every day.
Vani Karptne is also good in academics and is currently studying in grade 2. Her father revealed that her mother plays a vital role in her academic studies and performance. They support their daughter in every way possible and try to remain resourceful towards her upbringing. Vani and her mother are very co-operative and spends a lot of time with each other. Vani considers her parents her idols and follows their preaching. Her parents has established this understanding that “marks does not matter, learning is more essential.” They have never compared Vani to other kids and that has made her relatively more outgoing. She is always ready to mingle with her friends and is sharing her stuff with other kids. It’s all because of parents that Vani has inscribed such moral values and ethics.
Vani always remains intrigued to participate in new competitions and comes forward to attend it. And this all has been possible because of her parent’s spirit to teach their daughter. They have made her connected to her Indian roots and indulge in all kind of activities. This reminded us of a quote, “behind every young child who believes in herself is a parent who believed first.”

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