Vedant Parashar – The Child Prodigy

We are here talking about a Wunderkind, Vedant Parashar from Bangalore, Karnataka. He is an author, science and robotics aficionado, chess genius, musical marvel, football, and boxing enthusiast- in short, an astonishing genius kid. The lists of his talents are just inexhaustible. He has a published his work, ‘Children’s Story And Poetry’ at the tender age of five. He is an avid reader and a bibliophile, having a collection of over five hundred books. He is one of the youngest authors we have today. The ‘Bedtime stories’ is his second book in this series, containing his literary creation of children’s short stories. He is a skillful chess player and spends three to four hours playing chess or solving various puzzle games. And aims to be a chess grandmaster. He is trained in ‘Hindustani Kshatriya sangeet.’ ‘Carnatic sangeetham’, and ‘Western classical music.’ 

He is an ambivert i.e. someone who can adjust among people and enjoys their own company as well. His parents Raj Kumar and Vinita Pandey noticed his excellence when he showed perfection and professionalism in handling instruments while his father had unassembled his old laptop for repair.  he kept exploring everything without any excuse with the same focus. They wish to see him as a content creator, exploring his interest in areas in sharing on the web 10 years from now. Though he is a student of class 1, he can solve mathematical problems of class VI ( – level 100 for class VI). He also showed remarkable interest in Elenco SC-100 (small circuits) when he could barely sit. Within six months, he had progressed to SC-750. He developed an interest in science as early as one and a half years of age.

 He loves cycling, running, and boxing as his natural requirement of physical activity. Little Vedant plays, golf, baseball, and many more sports. He is interested in anything challenging and fun-oriented. He also knows to play many musical instruments. He is very social and emotional. His favorite toy is Lego EV3 and Arduino, with which he spends hours debugging and exploring several sensors. He has symbols of a ‘periodic table of elements’ committed to his memory and spends time learning more. 

Vedant, now seven, continues to evince exceptional ingenuity with words and phrases in stories and poems. His sheer versatility is seeking newer terrains for intellectual exploration as his parents, guide, and nurture this rare gift. They make sure that he does what he loves. He has certifications in programming and basic artificial intelligence on and has several fairly developed ideas for his robotic projects, which he wants to implement. All the skills that he now possesses are not a gift but a result of his hard work and curiosity to learn and excel. And yet he has miles and miles to go and achieve glories and pride for his family and himself. His parents play a very supportive role in his life and ensure that he doesn’t face any pressure from society’s expectations. As they are raising a prodigy kid they advise other parents to just watch them grow and give them all possible options. 

We are sure that by now you would be amazed by this child prodigy. This was all about Vedant Parashar, the team Child Prodigy wishes him all the best for his future endeavors.