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The very definition of a child prodigy has been widely debated over time–it’s sometimes difficult for even experts to recognize “genius” in a 5-year-old. At the moment, the most widely accepted definition is a child, typically under the age of 10, who has mastered a challenging skill at the level of an adult professional” wrote Lacey Rose in her article Whiz Kid . She wrote these very lines more than a decade ago and the surprising fact is that the statement still stands true. In psychology research literature, the term child prodigy is defined as a person below the age of ten who produces significant production in some area to the level of a grown person or expert and Veer, a young prodigy hailing from Gujarat is the perfect example.

Born in Dubai, Veer is a dancing prodigy who won the Dancing superstar competition held in India. A very happy and fun loving kid never ceases to make any one smile but the story behind Veer’s becoming a young prodigy might move your heart. During his birth Veer was declared to have caught several complications and was told to be taking his last breath just a day after he was born Doctors even told veer’s parents to give up. His mother even thought of bringing a prosthetic leg for her child to ensure a normal childhood but Veer was tenacious. Who would have thought that the kid who was on the verge of losing his leg would become a dancing star? But Veer proved his spirit by not only becoming a dancing ace but the ace of all trades, a champion. Learning cricket at age three, joining boxing at age four and karate at five, there is nothing he cannot do. Currently the star kid of his school veer also excels in academics

When we asked about the reason behind Veer’s everlasting winning spirit, his mother shared “Veer’s elder sister is U.A.E’s champion athlete and his elder brother broke cricket record  at the  age of  twelve, so I think it come from his surroundings. I was also a karate player myself and was very competitive. He is surrounded by sportsman and thus comes his competitive spirit which teaches him to never give up. Even if you fail, try again.” While discussing the parenting tip she said” It’s very important that children eat healthy. Their diet is of utmost importance but that doesn’t mean you should deprive them of everything junk there is, Kids are attracted to them. What parents need is proper balance between healthy and junk.” Veer is also an extrovert kid who does things which fascinates him “When you cry you never win, when you try you will” added veer. A very compassionate kid Veer also enjoys art and drawing and is also currently preparing for a spelling bee competition. He gives his hundred percent in whatever he does and is filled with ambition to win and be at top which not makes him tenacious but also gives him spirit to do better even if he fails.

Furthermore Veer religiously follows a time table to make use of his time better.”It’s very important for everyone, not only kids, to actively follow a time table to make use of their time better. It helps to focus” express Veer’s mother who also firmly believes that kids should not be pressurized and actively work in developing skills in various fields rather than just one. Skills can be endless if one is given proper guidance and time management she further adds. She also makes sure that Veer stays a humble kid; he is, “Clap for others when they win. A healthy competition is good but pushing others just to win is something I never taught my kids” she further said. With such a grounded upbringing we are positive that not only Veer will become a bright adult but a humble human being as well and for that our team wishes Veer a very good luck for a radiant future. 


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