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Today’s world is all about following the norm, but this child “Vidhaan” does not follow any norms. He is two years old from Indore, Madhya Pradesh India. At such a tender age he bagged 6 records. Got the title of Grand master by Asia book of records. He has his name in Asia and International book of records for reciting English alphabets in reverse order in just 18 seconds. Appreciated two times by India book of records. He made a new world record in Kalam’s world records for solving 100 puzzles (World, Europe, India etc.), identifying countries by their shapes, flags, elements of periodic table , reading words and small sentences etc. So got entitled as Extraordinary grasping power genius kid by them. He is a fast learner. From the beginning, his mother keeps Montessori approach in mind.She tries to promote child’s independence in the exploring and learning process.


Vidhaan’s mother was asked that “When did you realized that Vidhaan has a talent that can be Asia’s record?” So his mother replied that she taught him the correct order of English alphabets accordingly and one day she noticed that Vidhaan was murmuring the alphabets in reverse order, that was the point when she realized that Vidhaan is very sharp-minded and can memorize things that are not so easy to do so. This is a great talent at this age. At this age, he is having a record and he didn’t even realize it as he is very young to understand it. 


Vidhaan is a very charming child. He loves to play alone. He is a little child and he needs to interact socially so that he could mix up with other children around him but in this pandemic, almost every child of his age is lacking interaction with the outside world. But as a matter of fact, they will learn things with time so it is not such inconsequential. 


Vidhaan’s father is a doctor and his mother is a dentist. As they both are working but his mother is on break so that one of them could spend proper time with their son and could develop the basic skills that will help him to have a great future. In an interview with “child prodigy,” she said that it is her first time being a mother and she feels so precious. She also said that she enjoys the motherhood that she is experiencing.

Vidhaan’s mother shared some important tips as a parent which can develop many skills in every child. She said that never force your child to do things which he/she doesn’t like because it can make them irritated or annoyed. They should get a free environment where they can learn with interest and not forcefully. Every child is a genius all you have to do is show them the right path. She also explained that children learn more by observing things around them rather than what their parents tell them to do. You should always encourage your child whether whatever dreams they wish for. Guidance is the only thing that you can gift your child for their betterment. Learning should be fun for children then they shows more interest in doing activities.Lastly, unconditional love and bond between parents and child will be the foundation for a fruitful journey of life.


The Child Prodigy Magazine recognizes the extraordinarily talented kids and VidhaanJaiswal is one of the top child Prodigies. This was the overview of Vidhaan’s life and he is doing great at this very young age. 

This story is inspiring for today’s youth.

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