Vidhi: The Great Artist


Just like a fingerprint, every child is unique in their way of thinking, feelings, ideas, preferences, style, and the way he/she interacts with others. Parenting plays a very important role in nurturing these qualities in a child. The child becomes a prodigy when he/she does some wonders at a very young age. Today, we will tell about a great painter, Vidhi M. Chauhan who hails from the city of Vadodara, Gujarat, and studies in Convent of Jesus and Mary Girls’ High School. 


She was deeply interested in art and drawing at the age of 4. This interest started building up and she has now learned different art forms such as painting, portrait making, canvas painting, tribal art, mandala art, spray painting, tavdi painting, kite painting, etc. Besides this, she also does activities like paper quilling and art and craft. She has made almost 30+ articles out of paper quilling.


She has won a total of 114 prizes and one national-level scholarship in painting till now. Among which 34 are International level prizes, 43 awards at the National level, and 36 prizes at the State and District level.

The 34 International level prizes are from Japan, Turkey, Poland, Hong Kong, Iran, the UK, Argentina, and India. She has received a total of 8 prizes from Japan; one in 2012 and others from 2014 to 2020 continuously. She further bagged 3 prizes from Turkey in the year 2019.

One of the most memorable moments was when she won her first silver medal. She had that look of sheer joy across her face when she had come home with the medal clutched in her hands. This happiness on her face was unforgettable for her parents. Her mother gave her a gift to acknowledge her achievement. 

She achieved the Kalasurbhi Award in 2011 organized by the Vishwakala Darshini Educational and Youth Welfare Society, Rajahmundry. She has also received the Award of Excellence in 2015 by Artland Cultural Foundation and Youth Welfare Society, Rajahmundry. She has won the CCRT (Centre for Cultural Resources and Training) scholarship of Rs. -12000 per year, for ten years by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India in 2018.


The list of awards does not end here. She has also won Forever Star Icon Award by the Forever Star Book of World Records. She has also received the All India Bal Chitrakala Award by the Dream Young and Children’s Art Academy, Vijayawada in 2020. Recently, she achieved the Global Kids Achievers Awards 2021.

Not only this but, she has also won India Star Icon Achievers Award 2021 and the Life Time Achievement Golden Peacock Award by MVLA Trust, Maharashtra-2021.Being an ambivert, Vidhi has a keen interest in books of different genres, art and craft, and music. Her mother always explains to her that she should not feel obliged to live up to anyone’s expectations but try to achieve everything that she wants for herself.

 For 10 years now, Vidhi’s mother wishes her to be a happy and contented person, a successful doctor who has achieved all her goals in life and has an art gallery of her own. Vidhi is such a sweet type of person who loves to do things on her own. Even if her mother tries to offer help with her projects or something, she just refuses and insists on doing things on her own.

The sweetest thing that we would love to tell about Vidhi which amazes us is that at the end of every school year, she makes a ‘Thank You Card’ for her class teacher. She even helps her friends with their homework and studies at school.

The only advice that her parents would like to give is that “the parents should always allow their child to spread their wings to pursue their dreams”.

The child prodigy wishes her a very happy and healthy life and all the best for her future endeavours.