Vikhyat Reddy: The Allrounder

Multitalented people always look beyond the opportunities to seek new horizons. Today we will be talking about Vikhyat Reddy who is a mixture of hard work as well as talent. He is known for bagging a lot of awards. He studies at Delhi public school in Hyderabad, Telangana.


Vikhyat is an inquisitive child who loves to learn about new things. He always seeks new challenges. He is very fast at mathematical calculations using the abacus. He is a multitalented, consistent and hard-working child who has won many National Awards in abacus, drawing, and modeling. He has also participated in a World Record event of maths calculations. He stays very determined and focused on his goal.

His parents Harikrishna Reddy (father) and Deepika (mother)came to know that he takes immense interest in maths when he was only 4 years old. They observed that he has a good speed with the calculations of maths and he can calculate much faster than the children of his age. Besides maths, he loves modeling and has a strong urge towards drawing. This is the reason that his parents have encouraged him to make the most out of all the fields he likes.

He has won the National Talented Kid Award. Not only this but he has also won the Balratna Award. He has also bagged up many other different awards such as Smart Kid, Enchanted Kid, Best Artist, Best Motivational Kid Award, Best Blogger, And Youth Icon Award. He has also received The Phenomenal Kid Award. He has won the amazing Born to Win Award. He has also been nominated for the Star Iconic Kid’s Award. He has also been shortlisted in a Modelling Contest conducted by the Dream Catchers Pageant.


After 10 years his parents wish to see him performing his best in one of his most likable areas. They wish to see him use his talent for a matter of cause that adds up value to society.

He is an extrovert who loves to play around with his friends and spend quality time with his family.

His parents said that although every moment spent with him is memorable but the most memorable one is when he was honored with the most prestigious ‘BalRatna Award’.

He has a curious mind which keeps on searching for new things to discover.

Some of the parenting tips shared by Vikhyat’s parents are:

Never underestimate your child rather give them opportunities to learn and grow.

Encourage your child to learn new things and teach him/her the importance of staying grounded.

Since every child is unique, never compare your child with others.

Vikhyat has always been very thoughtful and compassionate about others. His affection and empathy have always left his parents astonished. He respects everyone and helps elderly people. He is very fond of small kids and likes to spend some of his time with them. He is a caring person who has a sense of responsibility towards his family at a very tender age.

This was all about Vikhyat. The team of The Child Prodigy wishes him all the very best in his future endeavors.