Vinochan P – The Child Prodigy

 A child prodigy or simply prodigy is essentially someone is who is a master of one or more specific set of skills at a very early stage of life. An individual by the age of 11 who displays exceptional expert grasp at a skill which is usually seen by adults is a prodigy. Just like this, today we are going to look at one of the gems, Vinochan who has shown exceptional observational skills and language expertise, not to mention the emotional development at the mere age of 2 years. 

At the age where children usually spend their time developing limited motor and communication skills, Vinochan was able to independently develop an American accent observed by his parents while he communicated. He was able to do so just by mere observation and picking it up this language expertise which takes a lot of time and effort even for adults.

Unlike the expression that most child prodigies isolate themselves from others due to their higher IQ and spend time discovering themselves and their talents, Vinochan is parallel to the norm and is an extrovert who loves to get along with practically everyone and gels well with his peers and family too. 

According to Mr. And Mrs. Pradheep, they hold the vision that Vinochan will mold into a self-driven child with outstanding expertise in phonetics, foreign languages, and nurture into an all-rounder focusing 360 degrees in the next 10 years from the present. 

As most stardom and recognition at an early age may lead to some changes in the child’s future. The parents responded and ensured that Vinochan would stay humble in any circumstances and that good parenting can help overcome any of these issues. 

Further sharing one of the most memorable moments with Vinochan, the parents told that his fascination with numbers, counting, adding, and writing on his own on the board shows his acute observational skills and keenness to learn, and curiosity. Apart from the extraordinary talents that he possesses, Vinochan has the emotional skills that are recognizable from this tender age. To back up this statement the parents shared this one instance which amazed them when he was just one year old, and he tried to console his grandmother when she was sick by wiping her tears and patting her back.  Some of his interests include numbers, playing sports, music, art, and dancing. 

Vinochan has out shown his talents fully, and apart from his unique skills he also participated in an art workshop when he was 1.5 years old. In addition to that, he also completed a 15-second race in just 7 seconds. 

Some tips that the parents wanted to share to help in the parenting of a child was to give a free hand to the child to become self-reliant and perform several activities on their own. Failure should be part of the journey, moreover failing while learning should be allowed and accepted by the parents. Every talent that he/she possess should be encouraged too.

This was all about Vinochan P. The Child Prodigy wished him all the best for his future endeavours.