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T. Virat Chandra likes Reading books, travelling, watching TV, playing with his friends and cousins, some commonplace hobbies of the kids, but he is not an ordinary child. Making a place for his name in the Asia book of records and India book of records at a young age, Virat stunned the world. Born to T.P.Sharath Chandra and T.S.Madhavi, Virat is a child prodigy who excelled in the field of mountaineering. Time and again we are introduced to people who stand out in this field but Virat outshined everyone at a young age. His talent for mountaineering was discovered by his father in December 2020. Our team talked to T.P.Sharath Chandra to know more about this young star.

“He has showcased utmost commitment and courage during the training period and at the expedition. As a part of the expedition he had to withstand the extreme climate of -20degrees” says Virat’s father who himself is in an awe with the child’s talent. Although Virat is free from the expectations and pressure from his family, his father still wants to see him as a Mountaineer summiting another 3-4 mountains ten years from now. “He plays jigsaw puzzles extremely well. As a hobby he has been learning guitar, swimming, skating and taekwondo. He does shloka chanting of Bhagavad Gita. He can perform a Dainik Yagya at home that lasts for 45minutes” he further added Virat is also academically talented; he reads a lot of books and can tell almost 197 countries capitals. Recognising different car logos and telling all the states and its capitals at around 2 and a half yrs  are some of his many accolades.

 However, Virat is given full choice in pursuing whatever field he wants as his parents firmly believe that letting the kid do what they enjoy most brings out the best in them . On being asked how they manage the expectations that society may hold from your child being a young prodigy he said “We never had to take pressure from the society as Virat has been exceeding expectations from very young age. He uses to surprise everyone by his memory skills. He has always been an example for other children. Definitely as a parent we would feel very relieved having such a child! But we don’t take pressure nor does Virat.”

Furthermore, we asked Virat’s parents to share some parenting tips to which they humbly oblige. “Nurturing your child with various skills starts from pregnancy itself. Virat has shown us his interest in reading books at a very young age of 6-7months itself. We came to know that he knows the mantras that we chant every day before sleeping when he chanted for the first time when he was hardly 18-19months! So I strongly believe in the teaching technique from inside the womb….The child will have the qualities in them by default whatever the mother teaches during that 9months!” said Virat’s mother who firmly believes that it is very important to create a positive and happy atmosphere for the kid from the birth itself.

An extremely extrovert kid, Virat, loves to play and enjoys reading as his hobby, not at all following the notion that child Prodigies isolate themselves from their peer mates since they have higher IQ and are busy discovering things in their own zone. “He loves to play with his friends and cousins irrespective of their varied interests. He wants to spend more and more time playing with all of them” said his mother, T.S.Madhavi with a chuckle. Many parents tend to control young talent to the point that the kid’s talent itself becomes a heavy burden for them, but for Virat his progressive upbringing and positive attitude of parents is like a stepping stone for success.

“He is a very sorted child.he never takes the credit to himself…he acknowledges his teachers and parents for his success. We would never let anything come in between his wonderful childhood. Even during his 75 days rigorous training we used to allow him to play usually with his cousins and friends depending upon his interest” expressed Virat’s mother when asked about the expectations they have from the child and how they manage to keep him humble.Awarded the wiz kid award and wonder kid award at two events at AVYS and HVYA, Virat is slowly but steadily making name in the field. From reciting slokas to conquering mountains there is nothing that Virat cannot do, and our team wishes this exceptionally bright kid All the best for his future endeavors. 


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