Yashshri Hemraj Kumavat – The Child Prodigy


A child prodigy is a result of continuous learning from the environment but not the inheritance of knowledge through studies. Today we will talk about Yashshri Hemraj Kumavat, a 13-year-old girl who created a replica of a concrete mobility machine by doing new research on the process of concrete mix plant.

Yashshri is a student of R C Patel English medium school situated in Shirpur. She was born in Maharashtra and is a child to MR. Hemraj Ramdas Kumavat and Mrs Jayashri Hemraj. At the age of 13, this girl managed to complete her research on the process of concrete mix plants. The replica she made is automotive and is controlled by sensors while performing an entire mix plant operation on it, maintaining the reliability of special grade concrete. A high-pressure pneumatic pressure system is also linked to the concrete to reach a certain height. Furthermore eliminating the migration process has been found to have a significant role in improving capacity while maintaining the water ratio constant. In the end, it is now the sole technique available in the market for increasing the capacity of rising architectural structures at a low cost. Her study was also accepted by the patent office of the government of India in Kolkata which is a huge achievement for her at such a young age. 

Yashshri parents first discovered her extraordinary talent in January 2008 when she started working on the replica of a concrete mobility machine. According to her parents, her talent manifests itself in the form of a creative problem-solving field. They are assured that their daughter will pursue her career in IIT or NASA in near future. Furthermore, her parents think that society and school should never put pressure on children & advises parents to encourage the hobbies Of their children and support them in whatever they like only then they can come out with flying colors.

Yashshri is an introverted child who likes to segregate herself from her fellow peers because of her higher IQ level. Besides solving problems she also likes to discover & learn new things. She is fascinated with the Casio and once she finished her music on it while simply watching the video on youtube. She is a brilliant student and amazed her parents by maintaining her position at the top of the class. Moreover, the little girl loves to read the book and possesses many leadership qualities which in turn results in the teacher giving her the responsibility to lead and monitor the class.

Yashshri always supports her parents in times of their need. She looks after her younger sisters as a mother in times of the absence of her parents.

Yashshri solving problems and making innovations at the tender age of 13 has completely done justice to the word child prodigy. May she continue to make new research and inventions.

This was all about Yashshri Hemat Kumavat. The child prodigy wishes her all the best for future endeavors.