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Hi, I am Bhumika Bajaj, mom to a 5 years old baby girl. Navika. My Insta handle is

little­_toddler_boggler. So here is a sneak peek of my influencer journey on Instagram. To be frank, Lockdown, 2020 proved to be a “Blessing in Disguise” for me. Read my article below to know how..?

I always wanted to explore my passion for influencing, but my job commitments never gave me encouragement for the same. Lockdown, 2020 was a kick start to this journey. Being working from home gave me a  chance to peep into this influencing world. I never knew that I would come this far but then there was no looking back. Fortunately, I got collaborations from various big brands like Saregama Official, Edamamma, AgaroLifestyle. And trust me, influencing is not a cakewalk, it is a big-time struggle and I actually respect my fellow mom influencers because it demands a lot of hard work. My Instagram page is a platform where I am creating some beautiful and lifetime memories with my daughter be it in the form of brand videos or our fun reels. And my support system is my husband and some of my real friends that I have made on this virtual platform who keep motivating me when I think of giving up because sometimes it becomes really challenging to balance my work life, Instagram, and family life altogether. But then in the end, it’s all worth the struggle and hard work..!! Follow me on Instagram to know me better.



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May 17, 2021

Amazing..dea keep inspiring ..keep Shinning…

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