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I have been in a bank for the last eight years and while doing my service and Bank, I have seen various people who are into investment while doing the investment I find that people are not doing as per their requirement or are not aware of what right investment is. for me, it’s not investments that have to be right it is the right Awareness of the correct investment that you’re supposed to do. during the demonetization, I found that various ladies were coming in to deposit money that they had saved in their home into the husband’s account. That motivated me that I have to do something special for women to teach them the right finances. I started working upon and speaking to ladies in my bank who were dropping in and I got many ladies to open an account I also got their child investment started with a simple investment likes deposit Aadi or even a simple PPF but it was worth it because after the Year two or three ladies came back and told me you know we started investment because of you and now we are confident enough to do the Investments.
How I started 
so I started during the demonetization but as I grew I realized this is not only one platform to speak upon. I started my Instagram in 2019 to start awareness on finances for ladies and I came across a very beautiful platform called baby chakra and I give my first financial speak in baby chakra. developing a social page was not in my mind I thought it was easier to teach women finances but you know I need a voice and I had to start some ways to Instagram started immediately after that and I connected with the right people I connected with a lot of people to tell them you know this is what is my idea for finances for women and this is how I want to start. 
Support- for me the support that I have got from my family is enormous. my husband supports me a lot and whenever I am doing the sessions he knows that this is something and passionate about the family has been a major supporter for me and I have got 30 plus people who are there to support me even on Instagram they know that the I need a voice and they helped me out in reaching to right people.
Challenge and whether the struggle is worth it??
There are a lot of challenges because on Instagram it’s all about reach engagement. sometimes your post doesn’t reach to right people so that is somewhere it is very challenging. it’s not easy to promote on Instagram. Instagram is all about aesthetics. If you fail you are a disaster. You have to improvise each day. You are the designer of your own page and you are the promoter of it.
The biggest challenge that I face is that the women don’t come forward to speak on finances and they don’t want to take up the sessions for the right finances. I spend a lot of time with many of my students who are into my sessions and I take it to my head that I understand their situation and try to drill it down according to their situation rather than me teaching a basic course. whether the struggle is worth it yes why not the struggle is pretty worth it, coz I get the satisfaction in the eyes of my students when they finish and come back and tell me yay we did it. 
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