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An inspirational story is a pleasure to read. Particularly, when the inspirational story involves the protagonist fighting against all odds and overcoming adversity to taste the fruits of success. Well, my story is not that fancy but I believe it will inspire you for the better.

I grew up as an introverted, shy, demure child just focusing on studies and my simplicity and naïve behavior was always something of interest to people who liked to bully. I never had the courage to confront them and developed a habit of taking such stuff. I always grew in a protective environment and with the little exposure I had, I was just living my life. As time passed by, my parents looked for a suitable match, and just like any girl I was also very excited and was living in my own dream world. I tied a knot with a local Businessman in 2016 and was ready to embrace the new chapter of my life.

After this, my life changed completely. Precisely, those people were fraud and for them, this sacred relation was just a means to extract money. I was asked to hand over monthly salary from my corporate job, bring more money from my parents, had no help to do the daily household chores, and was traumatized by negative comments that attacked my integrity, character, and peace of mind. I was always told that if I ever let my parents know about these things, they’ll make my life even worse so I tried to stay away from my parents. I felt so suffocated and stuck but always had to keep smiling so that no one ever knows what I’m going through. I got to know that my father-in-law was convicted on charges of corruption and their entire setup was built on the money taken from the people using their Govt. position. I also learned about the extra-marital affairs of my husband and at that time I always questioned God- Why me? What had I done to deserve this? Whether I should tell my parents or not?

But as you know, there is one purest relation of Mother and daughter and she is the one who can tell what you are going through by just looking at you. Thankfully my mother insisted on meeting me and she got to know everything. My parents tried to settle the matter amicably and warned my husband to take care of his actions. But things started to get worse day by day and I filed a police complaint as a means to intimidate them so that they might stay peacefully with me. I tried every means to settle disputes, listened to whatever they said in a hope that my love will change their attitude and their behavior towards me.

But you know, such people can never do anything good instead one day they didn’t open the doors of my matrimonial house upon my return from the office. They were already in touch with lawyers since 2006 due to their pending lawsuits and they filed false charges on me that I harass my in-laws and asked them to transfer their property in my name; that I had made their life miserable and their so-called real estate Business has suffered major losses as their son couldn’t focus on his work due to matrimonial disputes. They cleverly disowned my husband and me in Dec-2016 and filed multiple lawsuits to harass me mentally and emotionally. My state of mind was completely devastated and I was heading towards depression and had suicidal thoughts. March 2017, was the low point in my life and I didn’t know what to do and by May-2017 my in-laws, even obtained ex-parte judgment to evict me out of my matrimonial house. The day I learned about that judgment, I was completely shocked and made up my mind that I should fight back now.

I still remember that day of July-2017 very clearly when I stepped into the courtroom- I was shivering, my hands were sweaty and I could not utter a word and I was so nervous. I had seen courtrooms in movies but never thought I would be part of them in real life, that too to prove my innocence. I hired a good lawyer and framed the entire incident into a petition with facts and evidence. By that time I even got pictures of my husband with random girls which strongly supported my case. The proceedings began and I traveled 22kms to attend the hearings and then went to the office to complete my work. Glad to learn at that time that even the office people didn’t spare me and took advantage of these proceedings. They didn’t promote me with an excuse- will you be able to manage your cases and work simultaneously? We don’t want to burden you with responsibilities.

Time went by and as you know that court proceedings take their own sweet time till a person gets justice- sometimes your case is assigned the next date, the judge is on leave or has changed, either of the lawyers is on leave, excuses of being sick/out of the station; xyzzzzz… I started to get frustrated and lost my patience. In the meanwhile, my in-laws tried every measure to slow down the process, influence officials, escaped when arrest warrants were issued, and returned with stay orders; adding to my anxiety and frustration. I was running between police stations, lawyers, courtrooms, social workers and there wasn’t any ray of hope. Whenever a judgment was passed in my favor, my in-laws immediately obtained stay orders and I felt so helpless.

Gradually, I learned that only three things are required to survive- Money, Knowledge, and Position. So I started reading petitions with the same IPC sections on web portals and their judgments and picked on content relevant to my case. Gradually, I started to feel confident as I presented my case before the Judge with more conviction and clarity. I began to take notes, record dates, and proceedings searched Google from where I got records of their criminal proceedings and plenty of other evidence, and always kept a close eye on their activities. No matter they hired a detective to track my activities but I was not scared at all as I was never wrong.

Slowly my life was only revolving around court work and office and I realized that in this entire process, I have started to evolve but need to work on my personality too. I never used to socialize or hang out; so to begin with a new phase- I started exploring places to feel confident in that Social Setup, I joined the gym and after losing some weight, I gained more confidence and started to experiment with my dressing, looks, makeup, etc. Slowly and gradually I became a bit more comfortable and learned a little more about human behavior. I created a personal Instagram account and saw people going to cafés/restaurants, where they clicked pictures and posted those on their public social media accounts with relevant info and were called ‘Food Bloggers’. This activity was something of interest to me and at that time, I also wanted to be a food blogger because my love for food is Inevitable. To be honest, at that time I didn’t even know that the term ‘social media influencer’ even existed and I started with my page ‘Cosmolifestyler’ back in June-2018. The page picked up quite well but at the right time, I realized that fitting into my clothes was getting difficult, so I switched from Food to Fashion and Beauty Blogging. Initially, it was all about taking a decent picture with the product and writing a fancy caption but with the passage of time, I realized this is something that I enjoy. Reason- I communicate with so many people, negotiate with them, share my opinion with my audience and most importantly I feel- somebody is listening. Then people started asking for my review about a product which I posted on my Instagram feed or they asked for my suggestions before they made a purchase-and this thing boosted my confidence a little more and I felt acknowledged. ‘Being Acknowledged/Appreciated’ is the best feeling ever and a person who is appreciated will always go an extra mile to make things happen- this was something that was lacking in my job and was fulfilled by my passion (Instagram Cosmolifestyler).

My court cases, office, and blogging went simultaneously and I was enjoying my life now. Judgments were coming in my favor and I got stay orders in my matrimonial house which was a turning point in my case. They tried everything but couldn’t succeed and I obtained possession of the house and made them clear- I’m here to stay else settle the matter on the table. Finally, with God’s grace and our consistent efforts, I successfully managed to wind up the court cases in 2019, and what a relief it was. I had more time for myself, felt relaxed and happy about my existence. It was purely an achievement for me- I was alive and survived this with the help of my family !!!

Simultaneously with content creation, I learned something every day-posing, editing, write-up, and personality development was a bonus for me. Overall, it has been a very rewarding journey with so many challenges and dips. There have been days when I really worked hard and still was unnoticed and with an ever-changing Instagram algorithm- this journey is full of surprises and challenges. Some days have been really rewarding in terms of appreciation from followers, getting good brand collaborations, Magazine/Newspaper features, and being asked for a selfie by a follower. Everyone loves that moment of appreciation and features. Isn’t it?

Lastly, for everyone who reads till here- Thanks and Yes, You need to fight if you are right and admit your mistakes. You need to know that you are capable of doing anything if you believe in yourself. People will always say what they have to say but you need to focus on your overall values, should be at peace with your inner conscious, and should never harm someone. Your journey is what you decide…


Jaffy Garg

May 4, 2021

Hey Jaffy, I was never aware of the struggle behind the smiling face always. But your courage, determination, and family support have come a long way in pulling you out of that hell. Keep up all the good work you have doing in these years and making a niche for yourself. More power to you girl!

May 16, 2021

Thank u so much Jasleen. It means alot

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