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Can you recognize names of the country just by looking at their flags? Or can you recognize names of the dinosaur just by looking at their fossils? Well it seems difficult right?

Three years old, Yuvaan S. Giri can do all this. Born in US, Yuvaan has never been schooled or opted for a Montessori. His parents are very focused on his development and interests.

In an interview with his parents, they revealed that Yuvaan has amazing memory skills. They are new parents and since two years they have been very intrigued towards his interests. Yuvaan has always shown interest in geography and attained great knowledge regarding the same. His parents have been very resourceful towards his interests. They used to bring public library books and let him choose his own books. Yuvaan has always been amazed into planet and dinosaur related books.

Her mother has propounded that he used watch flag names on tablets and now identifies almost 195 country flags. His father explained how Yuvaan has always been a perfectionist. He mimics song videos with perfection. Yuvaan’s father shares that their son doesn’t perform something until and unless he is perfect at it. Yuvaan is a visual learner and observes what he sees. These are not his only talents; he plays football and cricket very well. Also he can run and cycle for miles. Surprisingly, He can reverse count from 100 to 1 in just a minute. His parents shared that even in his dream, he speaks some country names.

Yuvaan’s story started when his parent’s friend gifted him a book of dinosaur and he started asking their names and pronunciation. Then one day, while watching some kid’s video, he recognized dinosaur names just by seeing their fossils. Not just that, he differentiated between them based on their fossils. Now instead of spending time in front of screen, he goes through flashcards.

As parents of a child prodigy, we asked Yuvaan’s parents about their “Golden Parenting tip”. Encouragement, they said, is the most intricate part of parenting. They said, “Keep observing your kids and you will find a special talent in them. Give them resources accordingly and let them explore more.” They have been the biggest support of their son and never forced anything on him. They just observed their kid’s talent and auspiciously provided with resources.

In this competitive world, parents try to compare their kids with other. But Yuvaan’s parents never did something like that. They never showcased their son’s hidden talent in a comparative manner.

His mother explained how Yuvaan got habitual to reading book. She used to read books before sleeping and by observing his mother he too attained the same habit. His mother revealed, “Just pretend to have a habit in front of your child and they will also grasp it.”

In present times, kids our only inclined to screens. When parents give time to their kids and understand their nature, they are giving them space to flourish. She adds, “Giving them some interested, utilize the library and let them choose their own interest.”


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